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Does frozen cranberry concentrate have the same health properties of cranberry juice from concentrate?

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Assuming that both are the same percent juice. Frequently, many juices (especially cranberry) aren't 100% juice, they're "juice cocktails" which may contain only around 20% juice, the rest being sugar water.

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Do you have cranberry pills?

You can obtain tablets of cranberry nutrients at most drug stores or natural health product stores.

Where can you find white clear cranberry juice?

Ocean Spray makes a white cranberry juice. It is available at grocery stores. The white cranberry offers a milder flavor with all of the health benefits of the usual red cranberry.

When was Primary Health Properties created?

Primary Health Properties was created in 1995.

Is eating frozen sweet corn damaging to your health?

No, under normal conditions, eating frozen sweet corn would not damage your health.

Is lemon juice from concentrate healthy?

Hi I want to know, is real lemon juice from concentrate number 21, is health. Thanks

Does cranberry juice or supplement help in a liver flush cleanse?

Cranberry juice does not specifically cleanse your liver. There are certain herbs like dandelion and milk thistle that directly influence the liver and its health.

What are the health benefits from cranberry juice?

I'm pretty sure it helps with bladder infections and period cramps.

How do heavy metals pose a threat to health of humans?

toxicity and many concentrate in bone.

What is the best fruit juice to drink for your health?

cranberry juice maybe? i heard this was supposed to be good for you

What can be done to protect the health of the prostate?

You can get prostate exams regularly to ensure that you do not have prostate cancer or any other health problems. You can also drink lots of cranberry juice, and eat foods that promote prostate health.

What is a good red colored smoothie to make for your health conscious girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

cranberry strawberry from jamba juice

Can cranberry capsules be good for lowering blood pressure?

No. Cranberries are good for bladder and urinary tract health. But they have no effect on BP.

What is Apple Concentrate?

It is made from apples. The juice is extracted, pasteurised and evaporated. You can buy it at health food stores

Does sleep help you concentrate?

Yes it does, the more sleep u get the better ur mental & physical health will be.

How long can children concentrate for?

It varies with each individual child, as some have mental health problems which prevent them from concentrating, whilst others just find it difficult to concentrate on one thing at once.

What are the properties of tea?

Tea is often brewed in hot water and drank as a beverage. It has antioxidant properties and other health benefits.

Is painful urination bad for your health?

Painful urination can mean several health related problems. The most common is a bladder infection and can be easily cured by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice.

What is cranberry juice recommended for as health treatment?

Drinking cranberry juice is recommended to treat Urinary Tract Infections. The process actually works fairly quickly. Scientists have concluded that within 8 hrs of drinking cranberry juice, it has prevented enough bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract, that it will begin healing the body of any infection.

Is year old frozen chicken a health hazard?

No, as long as it is cooked before consumption.

Is four year old frozen chicken a health hazard to eat?

Commercially purchased raw frozen chicken is ideally consumed within 9 months.

How does frozen chicken affect your health?

frozen chicken affects your life by making you have nightmares and spaz attacks also it makes you want to turn the dirrerent sex:)

Is frozen yogurt junk food?

no, frozen yogurt is like ice cream. only healthier, it makes your bones healthy and strong, frozen yogurt is made out of milk, cream and anything healthy, so if you are at a ice cream/frozen yogurt stand, take the frozen yogurt, you want wealth, you want health.

Is it safe to take cranberry capsules in early pregnancy?

Sure you can take cranberry capsules in pregnancy. It's just like eating (a LOT of) cranberries, which is a natural food, and good for you too. The extra Vitamin C and antioxidants will benefit your health and also your baby's.

Is frozen yogurt better towards your health than regular yogurt?

No, frozen yogurt contains more sugars, carbohydrates and less protein than regular yogurt.

Is ice cream creamy?

No doubt, ice cream is a creamy frozen desert good for health. Other ingredients which makes it delicious are Gelato, sorbet, frozen custard.