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Depo-Provera is very effective Birth Control method, chances of getting pregnant while using Depo is very, very small. Geritol is a brand of vitamins that will not effect your chances of getting pregnant.

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Geritol I am not sure. But iron and pre-natal vitamins does help hair growth.

Geritol helping with getting pregnant is a myth. The official response from the product's manufacturer says: "There is no evidence that Geritol can increase fertility and we don't make that claim. We're not sure how the rumor started, but there's no truth to it."

Depoprovera will not make you pregnant for months.

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

Geritol is a vitamin and mineral supplement produced by the pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline. It was originally manufactured by the J.B. Williams Co. which was founded in 1885 and was bought by Nabisco in the 1970s, who eventually sold it to GlaxoSmithKline. Geritol has traditionally been marketed to the elderly (the name derives from "geriatric").

That is one of the advantages of this drug.

Geritol is an alcohol based vitamin tonic with iron and multimineral additives. I dont think Llamas will take, or need this substance. Perhaps there is another meaning for this word

As a vitamin and mineral supplement, yes it does.

Antibiotics such as Keflex (cephalexin) only interfere with oral contraceptive pills as they affect their absorption into the body and therefore may interfere with the effectiveness of the pill. Injectable contraception such as DepoProvera is NOT effected.There are no known drug interactions between Keflex and Depo Provera.

Birth control pills, ring, patch, DepoProvera and the IUD are not barriers.

Not as yet, and some of us are getting restless and resorting to Geritol.

I was using it to get pregnant but gained. 20 pounds

GERITOL is a vitamin ELIXIR, and contains 20% - 25% alcohol (booze). It certainly can make you sleepy. ALSO- some cold medicine elixirs contain alcohol and can make you sleepy as well- ESPECIALLY NYQUIL >>

Not likely. In general, it will make you healthier to be on a multivitamin, and you should ideally be getting at least 400mcg of Folic Acid at least three months before conceiving, but the vitamin itself probably won't make you more fertile.I think so after taking Geritol for about one month the next month i was pregnant. The trick is that you have to take the liquid form and at the sametime everyday. Even still take the liquid form of Geritol the first three months of your prgnancy.I took Geritol for 4 weeks and ended up getting pregnant. Unfortunately my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. The greatest thing that came out of this is I became pregnant after 4 years of trying. I have taken so many herbs, vitamins, and minerals that I have a collection. I have temped and everything and I take Geritol for 4 weeks and I got pregnant speaks volumes about the vitamin. It is worth a try!!!

I have been taking geritola for 3 weeks and i notice that i have bloating in my stomach.

Geritol and a glass are things in the bathroom. They begin with the letter g.

not sure just a rumor but everyone that i know that have done it / the end up pregnant

Geritol I used it for a month and got pregnant after five years of trinh

glass,Geritol,gauze bandage,germs, Grecian Formula hair coloring,

Geritol, gauze pads and glass are things in the bathroom. They begin with the letter g.

i dont know. i came on this stupid site and many others to find out... but no results, sorry guys :/

no it's a complete vitamin supplement with almost all vitamins & iron , so its good for health but not a laxative