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yes, because when some one punches you tighten your abs so the punch won't hurt

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Does getting punched in the stomach work your abs?

No. That's a terrible idea and it can cause internal bleeding and other organ damage.

Is there a video of Justin Bieber getting punched out?

no. and why would u want to see a teenager getting punched

How you know you getting abuse?

Your getting punched and our kicked

Can you die from getting punched in the arm?


What is an uppercut?

getting punched underneath the jaw

How do you get abs to show without flexing?

By getting your abs stronger

Does a girl with strong abdominal muscles like to be abs punched while she is working out?

Nobody likes being punched, at any time. It could be considered assault and battery and result in criminal charges.

Can getting punched in the back prevent pregnancy?


What is the noise on a Honda Civic abs?

Abs pump getting bad

Does it take more hard work in the gym working out to get six pack abs than getting just a flat tummy without the six pack abs?

getting abs

Will a treadmill help you with your abs?

A treadmill will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and your general muscular tone, but is not designed to help you specifically with your abs.

Does getting punched in the testicles affect fertility?

A single punch? Probably not but if you got punched repeatedly it could damage the sperm producing cells.

Can you die from getting punched in the neck?

Yes if the punch is really hard.

What causes you to wake up with a black eye?

Getting punched in your sleep.

Can you pop your cherry by getting punched in the lower stomach?

Haha Nope. (;

Does getting punched in the stomach at 4 weeks pregnant cause miscarriage?


How many people die a year by getting punched face?


Does beating your abs help?

Beating your abs does not help develop them. It is also quite dangerous and can cause injury to your body.

What exercises help you to build your lower abs?

do lots of leg lifts! this will help build lower abs. also knee ups will help

Can you get a black eye by getting punched or kicked in the eye?

Yes, getting a black eye in this way is quite possible.

What would cause a twitch and slight numbness above your eye?

Getting punched there

What will happened if you don't have central nervous system?

Getting punched won't be an issue.

How painful is getting punched?

It depends on how hard the other person punches and where they hit you.

Does skating help in abs?

no i have been going skating for 4 years and i dont have abs

How strong is ABS plastic?

Abs plastic is pretty strong, if your wanting to get an airsoft gun made of abs plastic i would get it Does that help??

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