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Dont go into details about how you feel about her. Try to use the least amount of words as possible!! If you end up in a relationship, she will either appreciate or hate your forward-ness. Sorry I couldn't be too much help. But saying too much could freak her out a little.

2011-09-12 23:20:25
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What does it meanto be well educated?

It means you are the one looking at the Emperor and knowing he is naked. It is the pain of knowing what needs changing in the world, but knowing it will never change.

Why is knowing the specific gravity of a mineral important?

because for some calculations you need the specific gravity, mainly in engineering.

What kind of personality do you need to be a zoologist?

one that is sweet and can help when needed in anything as well as knowing what he/she is doing

Will changing filter and fluid in transmission help shifting problems?

Without knowing the details of the problem this cannot be answered fully. But changing the fluid and filter will do no harm

Is there a way of knowing if a SPECIFIC person is working on?

Yeah, you ask them I mean knowing if they are working on without me messaging them. Without asking the person.

What is the peak forward current through each diode?

Without knowing the circuit this cannot be determined. Sorry.

How would you describe on a old man's personality?

you cant really describe a mans personalty without knowing him. How ever if you do know this man you can describe his personality based on what he likes and what his favorite hobbies are.

What are some personality traits that start with the letter K?

Kind, kissable, knowledgeable, knowing, keen, kindly, kiddish.

Knowing the sequence of an organism's DNA allows researchers to?

Study specific genes

What does knowing the sequence of an organisms DNA allow researchers to do?

study specific genes.

What is the advantage of knowing a DNA sequence?

Scientists are able to study specific genes.

What is the half-life of this element?

Without knowing the element and the specific isotope, this has no answer.

What is the difference between expecting and looking forward to?

They are practically synonyms, but expecting is knowing a certain probability of an event occurring, while looking forward to is having affect toward an event occurring.

How do use grimly in a sentence?

We grimly moved forward in a stealthy crouch, knowing that the enemy would soon be met.

What is the present tense of know?

The present tense is: I/You/We/They=know He/She/Grandpa/Grandma=knew}basically a specific or no specific person participle: are knowing

Why have to study different types of personality?

If you plan to do a job/or jobs where determining a personality type is important.(pschology/psychiatrist,Teacher, Forman,human resource personell,or employer).Knowing who/or what type of personality your are dealing with can help you determine how if possible you may deal with the individual.

How can you find out of a boy likes you without him knowing you like him?

It depends on personality type, it's different for all sorts of personalities.

When changing brake pads there's an Allen screw which way do you turn to take loose?

Without knowing the specific vehicle type, the standard would likely apply: "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey." Turn a screw clockwise to thighten it, and counterclockwise to loosen it.

How much do drugs cost?

It would be impossible to answer without knowing what specific drugs you are talking about.

What is a used Taurus 40 calibur worth?

No way to answer without knowing specific model.

Use of knowing the melting point of solid?

The melting point is a specific physical property of all materials; knowing the melting point we can distinguish between different materials.

How many weapons in Mafia Wars?

There is no real way of knowing this because it keeps changing as Zynga adds new features.

When is there going to be a tornado in Utah?

There is no way of knowing. There is no way of knowing exactly where or when the next tornado will occur. Specific weather events such as tornadoes cannot be predicted in the long term like that.

What is the optimal temperature for this specific enzymes?

This is difficult to answer based solely on the information in your question. The optimal temperature for a specific enzyme cannot be determined without knowing what the enzyme is.

What is addiction prone personality?

It is when a person is pre-disposed to addictions. Often due to a familial history of addiction. It is characterized by a lack of knowing "when to stop".