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Does having a metallic taste in your mouth mean you are pregnant?


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2006-07-13 07:30:14
2006-07-13 07:30:14

Many pregnant women have a metallic taste in the mouth but it is not diagnostic of pregnancy.


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A metallic taste in your mouth will very likely come and go. The metallic taste most likely comes from blood in the mouth and will heal quickly.

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Some pregnant woman do experience a metallic taste in their mouth. It is normal, also sometimes your taste buds change.

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It doesn't mean that you are pregnant, but metallic taste in my mouth was my first indicator that I was pregnant. I didn't realize I was pregnant for a few weeks, but then I read in a book that it is a common thing many pregnant women experience. Mine went away after about 2 weeks.

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I had a head injury, which caused bleeding in the ears. Went to Ear/Nose doctor and was notified that having a metallic taste in my mouth is normal with a head injury.

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This could be due to tooth decay. if there is a metallic taste do you have bleeding gums?

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