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It's possible that I'm pregnant. I haven't had many other symptoms except the past couple weeks off and on I get the taste of metal in my mouth. My friend told me it was a symptom but I've never heard that.

I am pregnant and I have noticed a weird taste in my mouth.

I get the metallic taste in my mouth right before my period, so maybe it is hormonal.

Yes! If you do an internet search for "pregnancy symptoms" you will find that having a metal taste in mouth is among the top symptoms.

When I have pregnant of my first baby, the first thing I notice was that metal taste in my mouth which I nerver had before. Now, we are trying for a second child (we should know for sure this week-end), I got the same metal taste in my mouth for the past 3 days.

No...I got a metallic taste in my mouth and have had it for the past 4 days. Ive been on the pill for years and was freaking out that I was pregnant, I felt like I had other symptoms too. I took 4 urine tests and a blood test and all of them were negative. Turns out I was dehydrated.

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Q: Is a tinny or metal taste in your mouth a symptom of pregnancy?
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Sweet taste in mouth is it diabetes?

its not a symptom of diabetes

Can an ammonia-like taste in the mouth be a symptom of Chronic kidney failure?


Can an ammonia-like taste in the mouth be a symptom of Chronic renal failure?


Why do you taste metal in your mouth when you have a headache?

you dont

Does having a metallic taste in your mouth mean you are pregnant?

Many pregnant women have a metallic taste in the mouth but it is not diagnostic of pregnancy.

Does gabapentin cause metal taste in mouth?


Can you get a metal taste in your mouth when pregnant within a week of conceiving and that be the only symptom?

Symptoms normally occur at 2 weeks at the earliest, but since this is a very common symptom, you could be pregnant. Is there any way that you could have gotten pregnant before then?

Why does your mouth taste like metal?

If your mouth tastes like metal that is sometimes when a bolt of lightning is comin. no joke look it up

What causes Metallic taste in your mouth?

The taste of metal in your mouth may be caused by blood. If you have a nose bleed, the blood could be transferred to your mouth. Maybe you've recently had hair clips or keys in your mouth? Or if you are a lady, a metallic taste may be caused by pregnancy. If it tastes like there is a massive spoon stuck to your tounge, and you have recently had (a word beginning with S), there is a good chance you're pregnant.

Causes of tinny taste in mouth?

A taste of tin in your mouth can be caused by heavy metal toxicity. It can also be caused by a lack of minerals in your diet.

Can you get a metallic taste in your mouth from starting birth control pills?

I have not heard of a metallic taste in the mouth due to birth control pills. I do know however, that having a metallic taste in the mouth could a pregnancy symptom, and could even be due from taking certain antibiotics. If you have just begun birth control and have had unprotected intercourse, you may need to take a pregnancy test because birth control is not effective in the body until at least 1 month, yet waiting 2 months will be safer.

What does it mean if you can taste metal in your mouth?

It means that you might be pregnant - take a test

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