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One type of insurance that surely cover all your properties within your home is property and casualty insurance. Just make sure that you have a complete inventory of all your items so you could use this in getting the insurance claim fron the insurance company.

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Laptops and Homeowners Insurance If you have coverage for theft or Burglary on your policy you may be able to get coverage based on that portion of your home insurance.

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Will homeowners cover tire theft?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft if your policy lapsed?


Does homeowners insurance cover theft of car from driveway?

Homeowners insurance and Auto TheftNo. Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for Automobiles. You will need to file that with your Auto Insurance company if you have comprehensive Auto Coverage.More sNO. That would be something that auto insurance would cover if you had full coverage including theft. Homeowners, does not cover motorized vehicles, except in specific cases.

Car stolen from business can you file on homeowners insurance?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover auto theft from a business.

Is the theft of a dog insured by homeowners policy?

No, homeowners insurance is Property Insurance, it does not cover loses or damages resulting from our choice of pet ownership.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire or theft?

Most homeowner's insurance policies will cover fire and theft. Individual companies and policies will vary, so be sure you check with your insurance agent to verify if yours does.

Does homeowners insurance cover stolen uninsured vehicle?

It depends, You do no mention what type of vehicle. Homeowners insurance polices will not cover damage or theft of a motor vehicle designed for use on public roads.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft of money from your house?

Yes, but usually not much, maybe $200.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft is you leave doors open?

There would have to be evidence of breaking and entering of some kind for the theft to be covered.

Does homeowner insurance cover someone else property also from theft?

No. A homeowners insurance policy is specific to the property of the named insured.

Will homeowners pay for theift while staying at their home?

Some homeowners may pay for theft for those staying in their home. Many homeowners insurance policies cover theft inside the home and the policy can be used to replace stolen items.

What 3 types of risk does homeowners insurance cover?

Fire, wind, and theft are a few of what I believe is to be 26 of the named perils on a home insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover vandalism to your car in the driveway?

No it does not. Homeowners insurance covers your home, property and liability excluding your auto. Your auto comprehensive coverage will protect you for fire, theft, striking an animal and....vandalism.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to the walkways damaged by trees?

Homeowners insurance is a "Hazard Insurance" It covers your property from unexpected "Sudden Losses" that result from covered perils such as, Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling objects, Theft etc.

Does vodacom insurance have a product that covers your laptop or portable device against loss damage or theft?

Laptop and portable device cover

Does homeowners insurance cover the theft of your car stereo?

Judge Judy says you can.

Will homeowners insurance cover theft away from home?

Yes it may. Your personal property coverage is usually available worldwide.

Where would I find information about the Insurance coverage on new laptops; does one have to purchase additional laptop insurance to cover against accidents and theft?

The best place to look into laptop insurance is at the time of purchase. There you can probably learn about warranties and extended warranties that can help protect your laptop from theft and damage.

Does home owners insurance cover money stolen from a school PTO?

No, It is the schools choice to obtain coverage for losses from theft on school property or not. Your homeowners insurance would not cover the losses of another party.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery from your person while away from the home?

Some policies do cover this type of theft. The best option for finding out if such a claim might be valid is contacting the issuing agent/agency.

Does your insurance cover theft from saddlebags on a motorcycle?

Your motorcycle insurance will not cover theft from your motorcycle. Just the same as with your automobile, the theft is covered by your home or renters insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft by one guest from another guest?

No. The property of your guest is not and can not be scheduled on your homeowners policy simply because it does not belong to you. You also can not be held liable for the criminal acts of another.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery in your home?

It just depends on whether you have the coverage on your policy. Some polices do and some do not. Just read your policy or contact your Insurance Agent to find out if you have it.

Will homeowners cover stolen dirt bikes not licensed?

Homeowners insurance does not cover dirt bikes. There is dirt bike coverage that can be purchased. Dirt bikes are not required to be licensed in order to use them. Make sure that your dirt bike coverage stipulates that it is covered upon theft because not all policies include theft.

Does met life homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery from your person while away from the home?

The standard homeowners insurance policy covers theft of your property away from your residence for up to 10% of whatever coverage limit you have. Keep in mind that not only does your deductible apply, but there are also several sublimits for things like cash and jewelry.