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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover damage by a bear or deer?
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Does insurance cover bear damage to your house?

Mine doesn't but we don't have many bears in the UK. Read your insurance policy.

Will homeowners cover damage to an in ground pool caused by an animal?

Maybe. There is an exclusion for damage caused by domestic animals in most all homeowner's policies. If a wild animal such as a bear or deer causes the damage some policies may cover the damage. Check in your policy, Section I - Perils Insured Against (is a list of exclusions)

Bear River Insurance: Protecting Utah's Residents?

Since 1909, the Bear River Mutual Insurance Company has been providing various forms of affordable insurance policies in Utah. Today, the company offers protection for homeowners, renters, and owners of personal financial assets. Bear River can covers homeowners in their primary and secondary residence. The company's policies even cover additional situations such as earthquakes and personal liability. Renters can protect themselves and their personal property when leasing an apartment, condo, or house. Dwelling insurance protects larger buildings, even commercial complexes. In addition to insuring real estate, Bear Insurance protects motorists with an auto insurance policy that includes liability, physical damage, and more. Additionally, the company's Umbrella Insurance offers financial stability in an unstable economy for investors and property owners.

Is homeowners coverage liable for injuries to guests on trampolines?

Bear in mind that most companies strictly prohibit coverage for homeowners who have a Trampoline. Generally when the Home Insurance Company discovers that you own a Trampoline they cancel your policy. whether an injury has occurred or not. If you have homeowners liability coverage, and you do not have a trampoline exclusion, then yes, liability would cover non-household members. Be prepared though to have your insurance cancelled.

How do you find the homeowners insurance carrier for someone whose animal injured you?

The easiest way is just to ask them. Bear in mind though that most homeowners insurance policies now exclude coverage for damage and injuries from pets. Fortunately though our mandated ACA compliant health care policy will cover the associated cost and it has no limit and it does not matter how or where the injury occurred. Some homeowners purchase property coverage but do not purchase liability coverage, So there may or may not be coverage for your injury under the homeowners insurance policy. You will have to start a lawsuit and when you do (providing you were bitten by their animal or injured some other way) the lawyer or judge will find out the insurance information during something called disclosure and discovery. In the discovery process your attorney will learn if they have a homeowners insurance policy, if that policy has liability coverage and if the policy provides liability coverage for owned pets. If they do have and the policy has liability coverage and pet injuries are covered under the policy then you may receive a judgement. It would be much easier to just ask them first rather than have to sue first. Also bear in mind that an ACA compliant health insurance policy already covers such injuries.

Does homeowners insurance cover rodent damage?

Most if not all insurance policies will have an exclusion for Rodent damage. However it does depend on the type of damage that was caused. For instance, I have not seen a claim denied from a rat chewing through an electrical wire and causing a fire, this type of claim is typically paid but they would not have to pay for the chewed up wire. Another thing to look into is what type of 'Rodent' was it and is that animal defined as a rodent? For example, racoons often times cause damage to peoples attics and these claims should be paid as a raccoon is not a rodent, it is actually from the Bear family. If you have questions about a particular situation please feel free to let me know.

Will your insurance cover a water heater break?

It depends on how your water heater was damaged. Fire, wind, hail, etc. The same as the rest of your property, and subject to your deductible, See you schedule of covered perils for a complete list. Bear in mind that most home water heaters can be repaired and even completely replaced for far less than the cost of the typical homeowners insurance deductible. A Broken water heater resulting from deterioration due to age or normal wear and tear are considered home maintenance issues and are not covered perils under a homeowners insurance policy. Although the water heater itself may or may not be covered depending on the cause of the break. ensuing damage would be covered if your home insurance policy has coverage for damage from an accidental water discharge.

Is your well covered under homeowners insurance?

Contact your insurance agent. If you have additional structures coverage and your well meets the definition of an additional covered structure on your policy you may have coverage. Bear in mind that additional structures will be covered for the same perils as your main structure. Typical perils are Fire, Wind, Hail damage etc per your schedule of covered perils.

Does homeowners insurance cover leaks?

Just contact your insurance agent and ask if you have coverage for your pool structure. If your pool is a covered structure then you shoud have coverage for accidental damages by the perils specified. Typical perils include fire, wind, hail, falling objects, etc. Some policies may also extend coverage for damage resulting from ground movement. Bear in mind that normal wear and tear, expected maintenance and repair, is not a covered peril under your home insurance policy. So it may depend on what caused the pool leak.

Will homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

It depends on why your roof needs replacement. Bear in mind that your property insurance policy is "Hazard and Accident Insurance", and not a home warranty or home maintenance policy.If your roof was damaged by a covered peril such as wind, hail, lightning, etc, Then your homeowners insurance would cover the cost of repair subject to your deductible of the damaged portion. It would only replace the entire roof if your policy has replacement valuation and the roof was damaged beyond the ability to repair it.If your roof is just old and has reached it's life expectancy then it is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy. That would be a normal expected maintenance expense incidental to home ownership. Composition shingle roofs for example have a rated life expectancy of about 20 to 25 years. After the roof has reached it's life expectancy it is considered to have depreciated to zero value and therefore non-insurable.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a water heater?

Only if it was an accident and you were not aware of any issues with the water heater prior to it causing the water damage. It's your responsibility as a homeowner to be aware of your appliances condition. So, if you have rust visible on your water heater, and water stains on the floor, chances are the agent will claim that you were negligent. Of course, not everyone knows what rust looks like or that a water heater isn't supposed to leak. Good luck! ;-)Home Insurance and Water HeatersCoverage really depends on your policy type and the cause of the water heater leak. Bear in mind that your Home Insurance Policy does not cover a homeowners normal and expected Home maintenance costs and does not provide Warranty coverage for Home Appliances. The Leaky Water HeaterIf your Water Heater is leaking due to damage resulting from a sudden loss from a covered peril (Fire, Wind, Hail, Lightning, etc.) under your insurance policy, then your insurance company would cover repair costs and resulting damage subject to your policy deductible. If your Water Heater is just old and in need of replacement (generally every 12 to 15 years) then that is considered a normal and expected home maintenance issue and would not be considered a covered loss.Resulting water damageIf your policy has coverage for accidental water discharge, then resulting damage, even if from a defective appliance would be covered after the Water Heater has been repaired or replaced subject to any deductible but the actual Water Heater itself may not be covered depending on the cause of the leak as described above.

Can a person sue a homeowner after suing the home insurance company for the same accident?

Generally No. If you have already sued the Home Insurance Company, then you have already sued by default the Homeowner. You can not have sued one without already having sued the other. If a property owner is liable to you for an accidental injury, The home owner may have insurance to cover those liabilities. The insurance company would not be the cause of an accident. If you sue an insured homeowner, their insurance company is only enjoined in the suit by virtue of the coverage provided to their insured home owner who has been sued. The homeowners insurance company may cover the cost of defense of the suit filed against the insured homeowner and may pay awards or judgments up to the limits of the homeowners insurance policy on behalf of that insured homeowner. Bear in mind that the Insurance Company is not liable for an accident, The insurance company may be liable for damages and awards based on assertions and finding of liability on the part of the insured homeowner. If your suit failed (or you Lost the suit), Then that means the homeowner was found not liable for your injuries. If you have accepted a settlement from the insurance company, that settlement will have settled your claims against the homeowner.

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