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Homeowners Insurance and TermitesMost homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite infestations, However there may be coverage for resulting damage to the structure once the infestation has been addressed, depending on the type and scope of coverage you purchased. You would need to have the termite situation resolved by a professional pest control company before your insurance company would respond to any structural damages resulting from the infestation.

Pest control is considered part of a homeowners expected and usual maintenance routine.

Pest control service companies offer "service warranties" to their clients that have regular corrective or preventative treatments performed to the structure. There is usually an upfront charge for the initial service to correct or prevent infestation and then there is an annual fee to keep the service warranty in place. There are different types of service warranties offered by different pest control companies. One type offers re-treatment only, another offers treatment and repair of damages should infestation occur or re-occur. These service warranties are subject to several terms and conditions.

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Q: Does insurance cover damages from a termite infestation?
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