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Here is advice: * Not only does it not make sense, you can't! It may, however, make very good sense, depending on your own personal situation, to buy Long Term Care insurance. * If it were available to a person age 72 which I doubt, it would not make sense to purchase it.

2006-09-05 15:43:10
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Does it make financial sense to purchase medical insurance for my dog?

It does not make financial sense to purchase medical insurance for your dog. You will rarely need to use the coverage and end up paying more in the long run. To learn more about dog insurance visit

How much is a person allowed to make monthly while on Social Security disability insurance?

How much money can I earn monthly while on Social Security disability Insurance

Do you pay taxes on state disability?

No because disability payments come from taxes, so it would not make sense. Disability payments do not come from the state they are federal.

How To Lower Your Disability Insurance Quotes?

Many people decide to buy disability insurance, and it’s a particularly useful insurance type for family breadwinners that need to protect their families’ financial futures. However, disability insurance can be very costly, especially for people in high-risk jobs.To decrease the cost of your disability insurance quotes, you should make sure that you’re in the best health possible. All insurance companies look at their policy holders’ health when deciding rates, as this is one of the quickest and most accurate ways to assess whether or not a certain consumer is going to make a claim on his or her policy. Exercise regularly. Get a checkup from your doctor, and ask for advice. If you can get a clean bill of health from a doctor, it should be much easier to find low cost disability insurance quotes and even special disability insurance discounts.Some families can decrease the cost of disability insurance by looking for dual policies. Husbands and wives who both need disability insurance can greatly cut their premiums by electing for these policies. It’s also possible to get dual disability insurance policies, and many workers’ organizations will look for these policies to provide large disability insurance discounts for everyone in the group.Look for as many disability insurance quotes as possible. This is one of the fastest ways to learn the differences between different plans and providers. As you read each quote, you’ll learn new ways to decrease the costs of your disability insurance coverage, and you’ll learn about special discounts that are only available from certain disability insurance providers. You’ll also be collecting quotes on premiums, and you’ll find it much easier to get a low cost policy if you have a few disability insurance quotes to use when negotiating with insurance agents. Don’t be afraid to be stubborn in negotiations. You can often cut the cost of a new policy by a great percentage simply by researching the competition.Disability insurance can be a very serious purchase, so treat it as such. Do research and monitor your health. Keeping yourself informed and in shape is as good for you as it is for your disability insurance rates.

If receiving long term disability can the insurance co make you take another job?

Technically the insurance can and often will make you take another job if your Disability contract has an "Any-Occupation" Definition of total disability. This definition says that benefits will only be paid if you are unable to do any occupation for which you can be expected to perform based on your experience, education and prior earnings.This is the primary reason why "Own-Occupation" Disability insurance is so important.

Is there an insurance that will pay your mortgage payments in case of job loss or disability?

This type of coverage can be had in either the form of life insurance or disability insurance. A life insurance policy can be of a type that has progressively lower indemnity benefits that roughly correlate with the balance owing on the mortgage. A disability policy compensates for lost income due to a covered disability--an inability to work. Those benefits may ve used to make mortgage payments, or for any other purpose.

Can you collect benefits from both state disability and the disability insurance that your employer offers?

You can receive both. I am not able to provide a more detailed answer because I do not know what state you work in and would be receiving disability benefit payments from. If you are eligible, you should file a claim with your state, and your group disability insurance carrier. The benefit payments that you receive through the state will be offset from the benefit payments that you receive through the group disability insurance carrier. When you file your disability claim through the group disability insurance carrier, make sure to tell them that you have filed for your state's disability benefit and what the claim's status is. This is of course assuming you are filing a claim; otherwise this is just FYI.

Can an employer make the employee pay for workmans comp?

can a employer make the employee pay weekly for workmans comp or disability insurance

Where can one purchase commerce insurance in Maine?

You can purchase commerce insurance in Maine from the MAPFRE Commerce Insurance website. Once on the website, you can get a quote, manage your existing policy and make payments online.

What is Key employee participation in group insurance plan?

This question does not make sense. Are you asking about "key man insurance?"

Does pot smoking affect disability insurance?

Yes. Just answer the question honestly, there's probably a separate form to fill out and then the Insurance Company will make a decision.

Does travel insurance make sense?

It make sense because it will give you a peace of mind when you go travelling. It just cost a fraction compare when something happens durring your holiday. Everybody pay insurance for his car and travel insurance fall in the same category.

Can you purchase term life insurance with no job?

Yes. You just need the income to make your monthly payments. If you can make the payments you can buy the insurance.

What shall you purchase for Christmas I am a gamer with an Xbox360?

This question does not make sense.

Where can I purchase cheap building insurance?

You can purchase cheap building insurance online or from a local agent. you have to make sure they are good and trust worthy. Or else you can be scammed of your money

Does Geico provide disability insurance rates?

You can check out there site at Geico and talk to there representative. It is a car insurance so I do not think they do provide that. Check just to make sure.

Why do insurance company want a 16 year old to get insurance when the car is insured already?

That doesn't make sense. You may have misunderstood. The 16 year old driver would have to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companies will not even allow a 16 year old to purchase insurance in their name because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy make up a legal contract.

What are types of insurance with an example of when your insurance company would make a payment?

Auto insurance: An accident that damages your vehicleDisability insurance: An injury that causes you to lose wagesHomeowners insurance: A fire in your house that damages your personal possessionsHealth insurance: An illness that involves a trip to the doctor.

Can you get disability checks for being borderline mrdd?

your question does not make sense. What is mrdd? Please change he wordings and submit again.

Should you declare your EDD disability insurance income on your tax return?

You should receive a year end tax form from the insurance company, since it is income. Call them to make certain.

Can disability insurance be taken for medical bills in Colorado?

Disability insurance was designed to provide a monthly income or to replace your paycheck in case you can't work due to an illness or accident. Unlike Major Medical health insurance which pays part of the doctors visits fees, medications, treatments cost, the disability insurance benefit can be used for anything you need, like a gap for medical deductibles or co-payments, or utilities, groceries, mortgage payments, or any other expenses including alternative treatments, vacation, etc. There is no limitation on how you should spend your disability insurance benefits. Some disability insurance policies have additional benefits paid specifically for home adjustments (for example, to make your home wheelchair accessible) - this additional benefits can only be spent for that purpose.

Will travel insurance generally cover me if I catch an illness like malaria on my trip?

It will depend on the policy that you purchase. You need to make sure that you purchase a policy that specifically includes international medical insurance.

Can you get disability insurance if you are on bed rest?

You have not stated the reason for the bed rest. Assuming that it is because you are recuperating from an injury or a medical condition, the underwriting guidelines of the disability insurer to which you are applying may provide that a further disability (loss of earnings) from that condition will be excluded in the future. The exclusion may be permanent (for the whole duration of the policy), or it may end after a specified period of time. When applying for disability insurance, it is generally necessary to document current earnings. This is because disability insurance, like other kinds of insurance, is intended to make you whole (or nearly so), and is not intended to be a moneymaking proposition. Assuming that you were gainfully employed prior to the bed rest, the insurer will likely deem that level of earnings to be your baseline.

Why do disability insurance companies ask if you have other disability insurance?

Disability insurance often replaces up to 2/3 of your income. The idea is to keep money flowing in during times you are unable to work, but not to create an incentive for workers to stay disabled. Insurers want you returning to work as soon as possible, and shorter disabilities keep premiums affordable. Insurance companies ask if you have other coverage in order to make sure that you won't be making more money while hurt than when at work.

How do you get disability insurance?

For an individual: You would have to put in an application with a company that provides disability insurance. They will check your medical records, perform an exam, and also look into your financial statements and taxes to determine your eligibility. A large percentage of disability insurance applications are rejected. It is more difficult to qualify for than life insurance.