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If it is your first baby this is about what you would expect, the baby will come when it is ready. 2/6/2008: I'm sure since you have already had 2 children that you are aware of what your body is telling you and are just anxious about the baby coming "early"... perhaps you are looking for some reassurance from other mothers, but be assured that anytime after 36 weeks, the baby could come and the important parts of baby's development are completed... but also know that your body can begin readying for baby's arrival WEEKS in advance of the actual birth date! I began dialating, softening and effacing at least three weeks before my son actually arrived! He ended up being 5 days late! You just don't know what will happen! That's why they call it "the miracle of birth"! Even your due date is really just a "guess" the doctor makes because the conception process is so mysterious and hard to pinpoint. Like the previous poster said, "baby will come when it is ready". That's so true! But be prepared that you may still have weeks ahead of you of waiting!

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What does it mean when you can't feel your cervix?

The question here should really be when CAN you feel your cervix

Can pregnancy occur when the cervix is minimal in size or when there is no cervix at all?

Um... "no cervix at all"? If there really is literally no cervix, pregnancy could occur but will probably result in miscarriage, since the cervix is the main support that holds the fetus in the womb until it comes to term. Short cervix is one of the main predictors of preterm birth for the same reason.

What does it mean to have a soft cervix at 21 weeks?

A slight softening of the cervix can be normal, but a really soft cervix could be worrisome. It may mean that you have an incompetent cervix (one that will not support the weight of a growing baby), that your cervix is ripening early, or something else. DEFINITELY ask your doctor about it, and if you are not satisfied with the answer, get a second opinion.

What is cervix plaque?

Cervix plaque is a term applied to the substance, which is really just protective epithelium covering the walls of the cervix, due to the scientific name, which is known as "leukoplakia". Leukoplakia is just a tissue generated by the body to cover the walls of the cervix and create a protective wall/covering.

How long after the egg is fertilized does your cervix expand?

I think it's around the fourth month after fertalization that you cervix expands, or the 5th month. Don't really know.

What does it mean if you're pregnant and your cervix is hard to find?

it really depends on how far you are as to the possible answers

Is your cervix soft when you become pregnant?

I am 5 months and mine is really soft and mushy and REALLY high. So I guess the answer is probably yes.

Where does the egg wait for the sperm?

Well, i believe the egg either can get fertilised while in the fallopian tube, on the way to the cervix, or it get fertilised when it reaches the cervix. so really, there is not 'waiting' . the sperm goes looking for it , wherever it may be .

What would make the cervix be hard whats wrong with me?

If you are asking about the uterine cervix, it is common for the cervix to be very firm throughout most of the menstrual cycle. The cervix only becomes very soft and opens up when you are nearing ovulation, to make it easier for sperm to get through it to the uterus. So really it's hard most of the time and only softer a few days out of every month.

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Can you have chlamydia in your cervix but not in your vagina?

In the female reproductive tract, the chlamydia bacterium really doesn't infect the tissues of the vagina, but only the tissues of the cervix and urethra. This doesn't mean that your partner can't catch it if you've had genital-genital contact, though.

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If you are forty wk pregnant but cervix is closed and you are given 1 wk to walk to help open cervix for inducement to take effect would 5 hr per day for 4 days opens your closed cervix that fast?

It really depends on the woman. Everyone is different and what works for one woman may not work for another. Good luck!

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