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Does it mean the baby is coming really soon if you are at 36.5 weeks with your third child and your cervix has softened and the baby has dropped?



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If it is your first baby this is about what you would expect, the baby will come when it is ready. 2/6/2008: I'm sure since you have already had 2 children that you are aware of what your body is telling you and are just anxious about the baby coming "early"... perhaps you are looking for some reassurance from other mothers, but be assured that anytime after 36 weeks, the baby could come and the important parts of baby's development are completed... but also know that your body can begin readying for baby's arrival WEEKS in advance of the actual birth date! I began dialating, softening and effacing at least three weeks before my son actually arrived! He ended up being 5 days late! You just don't know what will happen! That's why they call it "the miracle of birth"! Even your due date is really just a "guess" the doctor makes because the conception process is so mysterious and hard to pinpoint. Like the previous poster said, "baby will come when it is ready". That's so true! But be prepared that you may still have weeks ahead of you of waiting!