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Does medicare part a pay the difference after Blue Cross which is primary carrier paid most of the claim for skilled nursing facility I have a 290 balance due the nursing facility?


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Medicare does offer coverage for skilled nursing facilties. In order to find out if Medicare will pay as your secondary, the provider needs to submit it to Medicare. This statement is from the website: Medicare providers must submit claims (bills) to Medicare for you, whether Medicare is your primary or secondary insurer. For Medicare to process a claim as a secondary payer, the provider must give your primary insurance information to Medicare. You may also consider calling 1-800-Medicare for information about secondary coverage. If you do, remember from Nov 15th to Dec 31st is a busy time for Medicare so it may be difficult to reach them. One more hint to save some frustration: If BlueCross BlueShield has already paid the amount they were supposed to pay, calling them won't really help you because their job is done. Now the remaining bill is between the provider and Medicare.

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