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It doesn't have any effect on your skin it's safe

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Why does permanent marker turn you're skin purple?

because your skin is not used to it

Can you use a permanent marker as makeup?

Wouldn't suggest it. Permanent marker often contains chemical that aren't safe for the skin and may cause a reaction.

How do you get permanent marker off hardwood floor?

Get magic eraser and rub on floor until gone. If you get permanent marker on granite, get nail polish remover and rub until gone. If you get permanent marker on your skin, get a magic eraser and rub.

Can you draw on your skin with permanent marker?

yes but it can cause harm or nausea

How do you remove black sharpie permanent marker stain from skin?

you rub the part with the marker with something rough like a wipe with soap on it

How do you get permanent marker off of the skin?

Acetone based nail polish remover. Honestly!!!

Is a permanent marker really permanent?

No. It is called permanent marker because It is hard to get off.

Will permanent marker stain on SKIN if you keep drawing on the same spot?

Hey Thanks for the question ... My answer is Yes, probably. The skin is delicate and dont try and stain it too much, or you could damage it, especially with lots of ink. Try and avoid permanent marker on skin!! --- P.S. If you DO get a permanent marker stain on your skin, you can get it off with a product called Amodex Ink and Stain Remover. Its best use is for stains on clothing (because those stains are much tougher), but it easily takes marker or other stains off skin. It's also non-toxic.

How do you get permanent marker off of skin?

Use a magic eraser and rub on skin until it is off. Works every time!

What is the best permanent marker?

sharpie is the best type of permanent marker.

Does detergent remove permanent marker?

it does after 2 scrubs if your talking about skin, others... i don't know

How do you remove black permanent marker from your hands?

Just wait a while and keep on washing your hands. The dead skin cells on your hands will come off and take the permanent marker with them. What does this have to do with cars and vehicles anyway?

When was permanent marker invented?

the permanent marker was invented in 1956 in 1953 or 1890.

What is permanent marker made of?

Permanent marker are made of colorant,carrier and resin.

Why does whiteboard marker erase permanent marker?

Well, one theory is that the chemicals contained in the whiteboard marker somehow reacts to the permanent marker, making it rub off, but it is not an excellent way to clean off permanent marker.

Who was the first to make a permanent marker?

The permanent marker was invented in 1952 by Sidney Rosenthal.

How do you get black permanent marker off a doll?

It may be possible to remove most of the trace of permanent marker by tracing over the mark on the doll with a dry-erase marker. The dry erase marker will help erase the permanent marker. The same can be used on dry erase boards that have been marked on with permanent marker.

What brands of permanent markers are there?

There are may brands of permanent marker out there. Some permanent marker brands are Sharpie, Bic, and Deco.

How does rubbing alcohol remove permanent marker?

Permanent marker is soluble in rubbing alcohol which is polar.

What are the ingredients in a sharpie black permanent marker?

in the permanent marker there is nothing just black air

Who invented the first permanent marker?

The first permanent marker was invented by Sidney Rosethal in 1952.

When was the permanent marker invented?

1952, inventor Sidney Rosenthathe permanent marker was invented in 1956.

Is a permanent black marker a pure substance or solution?

The ink in a permanent black marker is a solution.

How do you get black permanent marker off a black front door?

I have found nothing to get permanent marker off of anything. That is why it is called permanent. It stays.

What brand of permanent marker is the most permanent?

Sharpie !