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no it does not cause any problem.belt just make the A C work otherwise it do not have any work what so ever
i have done it just try it

T not running the compressor for extended periods of time can give you AC leaks because the seals can 'dry out' when not spun for a long time. I turn my AC on once and a while during winter just to prevent this.

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Q: Does removing the belt that drives the air conditioner compressor on a 1993 Hyundai Accent cause any problems with the operation of the vehicle?
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Where can you find the ac adapter in an 93 3.1 Chevy luminia?

The air conditioner adapter, on your 1993, 3.1 liter Chevy, can be located on the base of the air conditioner compressor. The adapter can be removed by removing the compressor.

How to DRAW DOWN Freon in an Air Conditioner Compressor?

If you are talking about removing the freon in the a/c system then you will need a freon reclaimer.............

Remove AC compressor on Oldsmobile Intrigue?

.You can remove the air conditioner compressor, from your Oldsmobile automobile, by removing the compressor belt. Remove the air conditioning Freon. Remove the Freon lines. Remove the retaining bolts

How do you discharge ac compressor before removing it?

You need a certified shop to do this. You cannot legally perform this operation on your own.

How do you replace Air-conditioner compressor for 2003 Ford Expedition?

The air conditioner/compressor sits on the front passenger side on top of the fender. Remove the water reservoir and then you can disconnect and remove the air compressor. I do not know yet how to remove the air dryer as I cannot see how to remove the air lines from the dryer. I did remove the dryer from the compressor though, by removing a single screw then turning the 1/4 turn and pulling it out of the at worst I will be able to put my new compressor in with the old dryer.

Instructions to replace a 1999 Grand Prix GTP ac compressor?

To replace the AC compressor in a 1999 Grand Prix you must first remove the AC belt. Then disconnect the negative battery cable before removing the compressor bolts and connectors and removing compressor.

Can AC Clutch be replaced without physically removing the Compressor on 1997 Mercury Sable?

The AC clutch cannot be replaced without physically removing the compressor on a 1997 Mercury Sable. The compressor and magnetic plate must be removed before you can access the clutch.

Do you have to discharge the ac when replacing AC clutch?

no, unless u have to remove the compressor unit. The clutch can be replaced with out removing the compressor if you have room to do it.

How do you replace Air compressor on a 2001 mercury cougar?

Unplug the electrical plug to the compressor. Remove the Serpentine belt from the AC pulley. If there is no freon, go ahead and remove the 10mm bolt that secures the manifold to the compressor (it connects the hoses to the compressor). There are three 10mm Bolts that mount the compressor to the block. Remove these. Now the fun part, removing the compressor from underneath the vehicle... Try removing the oil filter. This should give you room to slide it out and down through the bottom..

How do you unlock a Gree KFR 45 air conditioner remote?

try removing the batteries.

Crankshaft sensor location 6.0 ford power stroke?

It is in the block on the passengers side behind the A/C compressor. hard to see and get to but it can be done with out removing the compressor.

On a 95 Cadillac Sedan Deville can the AC clutch be replaced without removing the compressor from the car?

AnswerNormally the answer is yes.What special tools do you have to use? Need advice on how to do this. I need for the serpentine belt to work even if the air conditioner doesn't. Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

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How can you remove an aircondition compressor without losing the refrigerant?

Before removing the compressor from a refrigerator or other appliances, you must 'reclaim' the refrigerant. This is done by connecting a compressor-pump on the access connection and pumping the refrigerant into an approved storage tank. once the refrigerant is out of the system, you crimp & cut the lines going into the compressor. There will be compressor lube in the compressor; don't spill it or let it leak out.

Compressor C5 Corvette removing?

Are you talking about the AC compressor? If so, go to and about 3/4 of the way down in the C5 technical section you will see a thread that has full details on how to do this!

How do you change an air conditioner belt for a 1990 Pontiac lemans?

First jack up the right side of the car & block it up Remove the wheel. you will see a panel on the inner fender that unbolts ( near the front of the wheel well ) after removing that you will see the a.c belt & compressor. good luck

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How do you safely clean an air conditioner on your own?

Start by removing the front grille followed by the outer metal of the air conditioner. With a can of condensed air, carefully spray it within the inner workings.

How do you replace an AC condenser from a 2007 Kia Rio?

Begin by removing the air conditioning condenser belt. Remove the air conditioner hoses. Remove the air conditioner condenser retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new air conditioner condenser.

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Can the AC clutch bearing be replaced without removing compressor on 01 XE 4cyl 2WD?

What kind of vehicle is the XE?

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How do you remove an air conditioning compressor on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

You don't! You have neither the tools nor the expertise to do this. It is illegal to release refrigerant into the atmosphere. Take it to a professional so that the refrigerant can be captured before removing the compressor.

Who sells ice cold ac additive?

I would stay away from it. Ask yourself this, if it is supposedly good at removing oil fouling then whats stopping it from removing oil from the compressor and other places that need it.

How do you clean air conditioner condenser on a ford f250?

The inside of the air conditioner condenser can be cleaned by removing the hoses and running water through the condenser. Run water through the condenser until the water exiting the condenser is clear.