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Does riding a bike everyday slim your inner thighs and butt?


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2011-10-18 21:09:07
2011-10-18 21:09:07

well riding a bike everyday makes your legs and calves more muscular. err like.. your moving your legs a lot and it gains muscle and if you do it too much the muscle will be bigger and more heavier. but if you do a small routine everyday and ride your bike not too much it could help it slimmer but just stop when your legs are tired.


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a bike ride exercises your quadraceps and so yes it will build up muscle on your thighs, making them bigger

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Yes, riding a bike can get rid of celluite on your thighs and butt. Pilates, lunges, and running also help get rid of it.

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Riding a stationary bike can make your thighs and hips either bigger or smaller. It can make them smaller if you lose weight. It can make them bigger if you exercise strenuously.

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Doing various types of squats, walking, and riding a bike

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Yes, you can for sure ride it everyday and not have to worry about your posture. Riding a bike is good exercise.

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