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well riding a bike everyday makes your legs and calves more muscular. err like.. your moving your legs a lot and it gains muscle and if you do it too much the muscle will be bigger and more heavier. but if you do a small routine everyday and ride your bike not too much it could help it slimmer but just stop when your legs are tired.

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Q: Does riding a bike everyday slim your inner thighs and butt?
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Does riding bike make your hips and thighs bigger?

yes and no

Can bike riding make your thighs big?

a bike ride exercises your quadraceps and so yes it will build up muscle on your thighs, making them bigger

Does riding a bike get rid of cellulite?

Yes, riding a bike can get rid of celluite on your thighs and butt. Pilates, lunges, and running also help get rid of it.

Does riding a stationary bike make your thighs or hips bigger or smaller?

Riding a stationary bike can make your thighs and hips either bigger or smaller. It can make them smaller if you lose weight. It can make them bigger if you exercise strenuously.

How do you lose weight in your thighs?

Doing various types of squats, walking, and riding a bike

Can road racing bikes be used as an everyday commuter bike?

Yes, you can for sure ride it everyday and not have to worry about your posture. Riding a bike is good exercise.

What are the advantages of riding a bike with no brakes?

If you're racing the bike will be a little lighter and more aerodynamic. If your riding involves a lot of falls and crashes, a bike w/o brakes will have a few parts less to break If you think the looks are real important a brakeless bike can look sleeker. But for everyday riding, and riding in traffic, brakes are not only sensible, they're also required.

How do you lose ten pounds off your legs and thighs and calves and butt?

Riding a bike is a great way:) Putting the fork down is another.

Which has more friction riding a bike on cement or riding a bike in gravel?

Riding in gravel will be heavier.

Is did the past tense of do?

Yes it is. I do like riding my bike. I did like riding my bike

How do you say bike riding in French?

to go / to do bike riding is 'faire du vélo' in French.

How dangerous is riding a bike on a highway?

It all depends on your skill level and how comfortable you are with riding your bike.

When might riding a bike have an advantage over flying in an airplane?

riding a bike can have an advantage over a plane because if you don't want to pay money than a bike is better and that riding a bike gives you cardio.

How do you change 'was' in a sentence?

Was can be changed in many ways. .He was riding a bike. This is past tenseHe is riding a bike. This is present tenseIf you change was in a sentence then you change the tenses of the sentence. There are no other words you can substitute for was.These sentences do not have the same meaning as was.He has been riding a bike.He had been riding a bike.He will ride a bike.and more.

Do you get leaner muscle running or riding a bike?

on a bike

What happens if you hit someone who is riding a bike?

The person who is riding the bike dies...if you hit him/her hard enough.

How does riding a bike make you stronger?

Riding a bike can make you stronger because it makes your calves strong

What is 'bike-riding' when translated from English to Italian?

Il ciclismo is an Italian equivalent of the English word "bike-riding." The pronunciation of the masculine singular phrase -- which literally translates as "the bicycling," "the bike-riding," "the cycling" -- will be "eel tchee-KLEE-zmo" in Italian.

Is riding a bike a sport?

Yes. While riding a bike can be for exercise or recreation, there is also a sport called cycling.

Can chemical energy transform into mechanical energy after riding a bike?

Not after riding a bike, but rather during riding a bike. Your muscles convert chemical energy (a form of potential energy) into mechanical energy to do work.

Will swimming help you lose thigh fat?

swimming raises your heart rate with will burn fat everywhere in your body, not just your thighs, bike riding and swimming would help lose fat

Can riding a bike help a fractured ankle?

Bike riding is low-impact, so you can start riding faster than if you were to wait to be fit enough to run.

In French what is bike riding?

in french it is faire du véloBike ridding would be 'debarassement des velos'. If you meant bike riding, that is 'le cyclisme'.

Why the muscle is important for riding a bike?

Muscles are what makes your body move, whatever you do. So you need them for bike riding too.

What energy is used when riding a bike?

the chemical energy stored in our muscles is used up when riding a bike.