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No. In fact, repeated application of sugar solutions to the roots of a plant will make the plant very ill and can lead to fungal or insect infestations in the roots as well as actually pulling water out of the plant, causing it to wilt and die.

Diet Soda is less likely to cause such direct harm, but there is absolutely no benefit the plant would receive from it.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-14 03:32:50
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Q: Does soda help plants grow?
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Can diet soda help plants grow?

yes it can i had asciencefair project and all i know diet soda can grow plants

Can plants grow with soda?

No soda can not grow plants.

Does soda or water help grow plants the best?

water is best for plants. Soda has chemicals that will harm or kill the plant

Can plants grow with soda or water?

Yes, soda is good! Plants can grow with it.

Do plants grown with soda?

does plants grow with soda

Does soda pop help plants grow?

yeah we did an expeirement in class but not creamy pop.

Can bean plants grow in soda?

yes, the ingredients in soda has a affect on plants, it will make them grow faster and fuller.

What soda do plants grow best with?

plants grow best with diet soda because the suger from regular soda can make plants die. but since diet soda has less sugar it usually will not kill the plant. Plants grown with soda grow mold or asfult root beer does not go well with pepper plants

Do plants grow better in water?

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

Does plants grow faster with soda?

No, soda hurts human organs and will kill plants.

Do plants grow with soda?


Can plants grow with soda or not?

yes it can

If a soda is put into a plant what will happen and why?

it will die because, all of the sugar is soaked to the plants roots and ONLY certain types of plants can absorb soda which will help it grow. However some plants cant absorb soda because it will die.

Can soda make plants grow?

No,i have tried this myself and it was horrible it grew about 2 inches compared to my other plants i recommend using water to help your plants grow xD good luck

Does soda helps the plants to grow?

No because Soda will kill the plant

Does soda make plants grow?


Does soda make plants grow faster?

No :)

Which soda help the plant grow?

the soda that can help a plant grow is Sprite because it actually has more water than any other soda.

Does baking soda help a plant grow?

Yes,baking soda does help to grow a plant.It helps to grow a plant because the baking soda has some chemical that fertilizes. :D

Do plants grow better in juice or soda why?

i think soda because it has more sodiam so it will grow faster

Do plants grow taller in soda or water?


Do plants grow with soda and sunlight?

im guessing no

Can plants grow better with water or soda?


Does pickle juice help plants grow?

no but bannana peels help plants grow

Does baking soda help plants grow?

It COULD, if the soil is too acidic. The problem is that too much baking soda could also cause a buildup of mineral salts.