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In general, being more active means you burn more calories. Standing, as opposed to sitting, could potentially help you lose weight.

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will it help u lose weight

vinegar helps to lose weight if u drink enough to throw up

not really. Wii fit will help you lose weight. (There is one catch though. You have to get up off the couch and use it.)

how many calories can u lose by standing up for 3 minute

Someone looking to lose weight by using Optifast can lose a lot of weight. Optifast says that they can help you lose up to fifty pounds in eighteen to twenty weeks.

Herbal tea has been clinically shown to speed up your body's metabolism with their potent ingredients, such as antioxidants which help you lose weight.

It does at first, but it doesn't always make you lose weight. It is extremely dangerous. Please don't do it.

A good lunch that will help you lose weight would be a light small portion lunch.Any thing in moderation can help you lose weight long as you don't over eat to fullness.

Yes, strength training will help you lose weight. Depending on your macros consumption for the day, your body will end up using stored energy resulting in weight loss.

You lose your chair because you are standing up. Actually, the answer to the riddle is: "You lose your lap."

Walking in the cold may help you lose weight. When the body is cold, it needs to warm up, so body functions start working faster.

Yes anything done in water is a good way to tone up and lose weight - along with a good dieting program

Sit ups will help you lose weight and tone your stomach area.

noTemporally yes. If you drink enough to throw up...

Yes, it does get you up and moving. It can be pretty aerobic.

Yes, colon cleaning can help you loose up to 10 pounds of waste.

Then your baby needs to lose some pounds!...JK He needs to work a little more on standing up and every now and then try to help him get uphold his hands and let his feet get used to his weight... Try to buy him a walker! :)

Yes, Soda contains carbs which turn into fat when they are not used up. Stop Drinking Soda and replace it with water, juice, milk and you will lose weight.

doing sit ups will tone up your stomach... if you want to lose the weight try running and things like that... Hope this helped

Carrots & cashews are my favorite. Any type of raw vegetable & any type of raw nut (unsalted) will help to lose weight. Add cardio excersise to your daily routine to help speed up the process of losing weight.

Usually, when anorexics lose weight, they end up with a weight below normal for their height.

Fruits and vegetables are the best low calorie foods that will help you lose weight. They are high in fibre and in nutrients. You will lose weight by filling up on fruits and vegetables.

You will not lose weight by throwing up, you will just make yourself ill and damage your teeth.

I am not sure but if you are interested in keeping a good body shape workout by lifting weights. If you are serious about losing weight run. Throwing up to lose weight is bad. There is an illness called bulemia and you can suffer malnutrition. So even if throwing up helps you lose weight pleases don't do it. I don't know you but I care about your health so if you want to lose weight run. I am not a runner. I lift weights to keep a good body shape.