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No. But you should not be doubling up on Birth Control.

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Q: Does taking a contraceptive pill while you have a contraceptive device increase your risk of pregnancy?
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How do you know your pregnant with the implanon?

You know if you've pregnant while using the contraceptive implant by taking a pregnancy test.

If you taking the contraceptive Levlen Ed and you skip the non-hormonal tablets 3-4 times to miss several periods and only take the hormonal tablets can you get pregnant?

Skipping the placebo pills does not increase your risk of pregnancy.

How long do you need to wait after sex to have your period when taking the contraceptive pill?

Usually you have your period at specific times when taking birth control. If you have concerns, take a pregnancy test.

Does Valtrex affect Mirena?

No. Mirena is a contraceptive Intrauterine device (IUD) and should have no effect on, nor be affected by taking valacyclovir (Valtrex).

Do you need to take the morning after pill if you are on the contraceptive pill?

no, if you are taking the contraceptive as prescribed, which is normally one a day, then it prevents pregnancy 99.9%. If you missed one or more, i would suggest you to take plan b

Will taking antibiotics while having an IUD increase the chance of pregnancy?


Will taking the contraceptive pill back to back make it less effective and Will i get pregnant by doing this?

By skipping the placebo week, you only lower the risk of accidental pregnancy. It's possible to get pregnant using the birth control pill, but taking the packs back to back doesn't increase the risk.

Will my contraceptive still work if I took a laxitive 2 hours before taking my pill and I haven and rsquot gone yet?

Your taking the laxative before taking your contraceptive should not affect your contraceptive's properly functioning.

Do antidepressents like prozac drugs alcohol or anything else have any affect on the pill also when does it start working as a contraceptive?

Yes, alcohol may effect you if you are taking prozac. Prozac is not a contraceptive and will never prevent pregnancy.

If you get your periods after taking contraceptive pill is there any chance of pregnancy after that?

It is highly unlikely but is possible. If you are worried then on the day your normal period is due take a HPT.

Is it possible to get pregnant while taking the yasmin contraceptive pill?

Yes it is possible. Birth control only protects you against a 98% chance of pregnancy so there is still a 2% chance of pregnancy occurring.

Is lactation a sign of early pregnancy?

it can be but not necessarily. If you are taking a hormone, like the contraceptive pill or steroids, eg excema cream, this can also cause the same effect

Can you end a pregnancy after taking two iron tablets from the contraceptive pill after eleven hours after sex?

Birth control pills and/or iron tablets do not cause abortion.

Can you take 5 packets of the contraceptive pill in a row?

Yes, you can skip your period indefinitely by taking five packs of birth control pills in a row, but you may experience irregular bleeding. Skipping periods does not increase the risk of pregnancy or problems with the uterine lining.

Does taking the contraceptive pill lead to thrush development?

The contraceptive pill can flare up candida of which thrush is a common symptom

Why didn't i bleed after taking the pill?

can you start to bleed after just taking one contraceptive pill?

Taking the contraceptive injection and dont know when your next dose is how long does it take for the contraceptive to last?

They usually last six months.

Can you become pregnant by only taking one emergency contraceptive?


I've just started taking mercilon contraceptive I've taken 8 pills so far am I protected from pregnancy?

Please talk to your health care professional or find the official instructions for your contraceptive. My understanding is that one must take birth control pills for a month to be assured of contraceptive effects. Meanwhile use a backup method like condoms or foam according to the instructions.

Can you become pregnant after taking emergency contraceptive?

There are such chances but in a very little percent.

Can anyone conceive even after taking regular contraceptive pills?

It is Statisically possible

Is it harmful to take contraceptive pills while taking prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are generally taken during pregnancy or while trying to conceive so a woman's body can sustain her and the fetus. There is no contraindication to use prenatal vitamins with contraceptive pills, but another vitamin supplement may be more appropriate.

How long after taking the contraceptive implant out can i get pregnant?

You can get pregnant immediately after removal of the contraceptive implant. Use a different method of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

You are a male taking noriday contraceptive pill will you grow breasts?

Yes, they will grow some.

How do you know if the contraceptive pill you are taking is working?

You wait 12 days and then take a HPT.