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Does the 1991 geo storm have a syphon guard?


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2008-01-01 05:54:22
2008-01-01 05:54:22

Yes, it does.


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where do you add manuel transmission fluid on a 1991 geo storm 5 speed

Follow the pos battery cable. It is at the end.

rear of engine compartment near the bulkhead

Fuel pump is in the gas tank and it is not cheap.

there is no pilot bushing/bearing for the Geo Storms '90-'93 manual transaxle.

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

Remove it an drop it into a pan of boiling water to see if it opens

Knowing the firing order can help a person troubleshoot engine problems. The firing order for a 1991 Geo Metro is 1-3-4-2.

plug the wire in on the driver side of the car and 4 bults in it

it si in the relay panel on the passenger side of the engin comp.

On the 1.6L sohc starter is between the engine and fire wall. By the oil filter.

airbag sensor and iat sensor are not the same thing... wiki

My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive

Yes. Edit, yes, but if you are dealing with a swap from the SOHC to a DOHC other parts are needed like the motor mount and ECM.

there is a answer on Edited: No there isn't. That's spam.

It is either an intake gasket leak or a head gasket.

mine stopped working -- check your fuses (driver side on my geo storm) if the copper connectors inside the fuss are broken, corroded or old--you need new fuses. fuses are cheap at the auto parts store!

look into or get yourself a haynes repair manual at any autopart store.!

#1 is about 2 to 3 O'clock firing counter clockwise 1342.

I have a Geo Storm and my fuse box is under my hood on the left side upper corner. There is also a fuse box by the drivers left foot on the side wall under an easily removable cover (no tools needed). That is the location of the "Cigar lighter" fuse.

believe it or not geos are toyotas so try the Toyota dealer or the same platform as the geo like a Toyota corolla of the same year

You can't. They have a distributor pack, and not a cap and rotor. a 1.6 eng 93 geo storm has a distributor cap and rotor!!!

All Geo Storms are 4 cylinder

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