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No it does not but you can have the dealer install one or a local car audio shop can do it.

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install itunes if its not already installed, plug in the ipod, and athourize the computer with your ipod.

Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer before plugging your iPod Touch into your computer. Once you have iTunes installed plug your iPod in and start iTunes. All the tools you need to manage your iPod and it's content can be found in iTunes. Your question isn't very specific. Feel free to ask another question if you have any further questions regarding iTunes or iPod Touches.

I'm assuming you mean sync.To sync your iPod, you need iTunes installed. Plug your iPod into your transfer cable, and plug the other end into your computer. Open iTunes and press the large button that says "Sync Device".-Q

You need to make sure that iTunes is installed on the other computer first. Then when you plug in your iPod, sync it with iTunes. That should help.

If you have the applications already in iTunes, then when you plug in your iPod there will be a tab called Applications. Maybe sure the ones that you want on your iPod are checked to be transferred.

plug your ipod into the new computer (must have itunes installed) and open itunes. a box should pop up asking you if you want to transfer the songs from the ipod to the computer. click yes and there you go!

You have to download itunes to your computer if you haven't done so already, and then plug in your ipod touch using the provided USB cable. The ipod touch runs on itunes, so you have to plug it to a computer with itunes. You may have to reboot the ipod after you plug it in.

plug it into ur computer using the USB cable u got from the ipod package

Your iPod should automatically synchronize when you plug it into your computer. If it doesn't, try re-installing your drivers.

Go on iTunes, plug in your iPod, and press update on the iPod screen. But 4.1 already has bigger brothers, like 4.2

Make sure you have apple iTunes installed and if you do and it still doesn't work you might have to get a new cord.

It should have come with a cord. One end will plug into your iPod and the other will plug in to you laptop.

You must first plug your iPod into your computer and download the iTunes software from Apple. Once installed, iTunes will recognize your iPod that is connected to your computer. Use iTunes to select the songs or playlists you want to include in your iPod and synchronize them.

Try icall or textplus Calls in the app store and you would need a external mic. To plug into your iPod touch since one isn't installed.

I usually just turn it off and on and it works. If you can't even do that, then plug it into the computer using the charging cord or plug it into a charger even if it already is charged. Your iPod should work after that.

1. Plug your iPod into a computer that has iTunes installed. (You can download it from if you don't already have it on your computer.)2. When your iPod is recognized, it will pop up in the sidear of iTunes. Click on "Music" under your iPod and then find the songs you wish to delete.3. Simply click on the song, then press "delete" on your keyboard.4. Choose to place the song in your Recycle Bin (to delete it permanetly) or "Keep in iTunes" (to delete from your iPod, but not the iTunes program).

You cannot upload additional songs onto another Apple iPod. Only the entire iTunes library on the computer wil be transferred. Anything already on the iPod will be erased.

You have to download itunes ( When you've installed itunes open it and click File > Add Files to Library. Once you've done that you can plug in your iPod and it will add the songs to it.

Plug it into the computer (have to have an adapter cord to plug into the computer and also plugs into the ipod shuffle.)

You need to plug it into your computer and if you haven't done so already, download iTunes.

plug your iPod nano in....itunes will detect it and aslong as you have autoupdate on then it'll put all your songs on the iPod, if auto update isn't on then simply drag and drop from itunes to where ur iPod is listed on the left in itunes.

Plug your iPod into your computer

The spark plug gap on a 2001 Mercedes S600 should measure .044 inches. A new spark plug will come with the gap already set and should not need to be adjusted any further.

try to plug it harder in the usb port or plug in the ipod in the cable

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