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Does the VIN tell the color of the car?

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No, it does not. VIN's contain information as to the Make, Model, Year, number of doors, country assembled, and plant assembled. It can also contain the upgrade package (ie - Chevrolet Tahoe LT vs LS), transmission system (4x4 or 4x2), and engine size. However, the color is not included. The color code can be located near many VIN labels, especially inside door jambs, as a separate line item. Note - VIN standards were not adopted and enforced until 1981, so any vehicles made prior to 1981 do not have a "readable" VIN that can be decoded for this information.

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Does the vin tell what state the car is from?

Yes, with the VIN you can find the history of the car.

Will the car vin tell you the interior colors of your car?

The original manufacturer may have those records but the VIN will not tell you directly.

How can you tell what kind of a car a car is?

VIN # check at the DMV

Can you tell who a car is registered to by the VIN?

no way

Can you tell if a car is a pace car by the vin?

The vin number on a car tells alot like what the body shape is the engine where it was built and by what company but the answer is no because the vin does not state what the car is used for.

Where can I check a VIN online?

Car fax is were you look up vin and it tell you what you need to know about the car title and own how own and what is wrong about the car and it about how to get the car

How can you tell by the VIN if the car is a true Super Sport?

Go to "" & enter your VIN code.....

Can you look up your VIN on your car to tell you about your engine?

yes the 8th digit of the vin on American cars will tell you the engine size.

How do i tell if my car is a 1964 Ford Falcon sprint?


How can you tell who own a certain type of car ie 1977 corvett like seen in gone in 60 seconds?

The VIN number on the car will tell you exactly what it is. Post the VIN and I can decode it for you.

How do you tell original colour on 2003 grand caravan from VIN?

The dealer can run the sales codes off of the vin in their computer system, and tell the color from that.

What does the vin tell you?

VIN stands for vehicle identification number. Each car is given a unique VIN number. If the vehicle is lost or stolen, this unique number can be used to locate the car.

How do you determine the year of a car from the vin?

The 10th character tell the production year of the vin. see link below.

How can you find out the name on a car title?

Have dmv run the vin number and they can tell you who owns the car.

Does the vin tell which engine is in the truck?

Yes, the VIN number will identify the model, color, engine, trim, and other features of your vehicle.

How can you tell which area of the country your car is from?

The Vin should have a code for assembly plant.

How to find the owner of a car with the vin.?

Your local police department can run the vin number and tell you the owner, as it's public record.

How do I find out if my manual transmission second hand car was automatic transmission before?

Do a VIN search and the VIN will tell you the original options.

What color is Vin Diesel's car in the last scene of Tokyo Drift?

Black & grey

Where can you locate the color paint code for a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

the original paint code is in the VIN. call a dealer and they can tell you how to read the vin

Is your 69 Chevelle a super sport?

It could be. You need to run the VIN# on the car and that will tell you.

Where can one go to read car accident reports based on VIN numbers?

There are several ways you can get Car Accident Reports based on VIN Numbers. You can take the VIN number to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and have them run the VIN Number to see if the car was in any accidents. You can get the accident reports on the car online at dmv (dot) org. Is it a lemon (dot) com will also be able to tell you if the car VIN number has been in any accidents.

How do you find original equipment listed on a car using the vin?

The VIN can reveal a number of things about a car, including its airbag type, country of origin, engine size, model year and trim level. But it will not tell you the original equipment installed on the car. As the VIN will tell you the trim level it is easy to find out what was the original equipment that came on that particular trim level.

Will the VIN on a vehicle tell its color?

No the vin does not have the color code. Depending on the model year and make trying looking at the vin sticker inside the drivers door jam to find the color code.That answer is incorrect, the VIN does tell the color, it tells everything.GM codes can be confusing! BC CC before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The U in the paint code means the Upper Color and the L means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. 96U and say 36L. Also, it could be 8867L or 8867U. You will need to find out from your vendor which digits depict the color.

How do you tell what engine you have in your 99 Mercury Sable?

The VIN number should have an indicator. VIN number references can be found online or in the repair manual for your car.