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Hi there - Birth Control pills When a woman gets her period, it's well AFTER ovulation has occurred. Menstruation occurs when an existing ovum is not fertilized and it and the endometrial material is expelled from the body. Birth control pills prevent ovulation from occurring earlier in the cycle by "tricking" your body into thinking it is pregnant.

2006-08-21 13:08:13
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What causes spotting a week before your period is due and your are on birth control?


Can you put on the birth control patch during your period?

Yes, you can put on the birth control patch during your period.

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

What type of birth control prevents ovulation?

Hormonal birth control methods prevent ovulation.

Will the birth control patch alter your ovulation cycle?

The birth control patch is meant to prevent ovulation completely.

Does the birth control patch prevent ovulation?

The birth control patch's primary mode of action is preventing ovulation.

If birth control prevents ovulation how is there still a period?

Because you only take the pill for 21 days then you have the plecebo pills to take for 7 days. During that time ovulation occurs followed by the period. You can now elect to get the 3 month or yearly shots and never have a period again.

When can i use an ovulation test if I'm on the birth control patch?

You can't use an ovulation test if you're on the birth control patch.

How can you estimate your ovulation after you stop taking the pill if you never got a period?

* Ovulation typically occurs two weeks before your period. But several factors can affect that, including birth control pills.

Do you have to have a period after giving birth to get pregnant?

No, you can get pregnant at ovulation and just not get your period back after birth.

What if you wear the birth control patch during your period?

If you wear the birth control patch during your period, you may have a lighter or absent or shorter period. Be sure to start the next patch as scheduled.

Birth control with no period. good or bad?

You don't mention what sort of birth control.If hormonal birth control you don't menstruate - the purpose of this method is to stop your menstrual cycles to stop ovulation, no ovulation means no menstruation. You should however still get a withdrawal bleed during your placebo pills, lack of withdrawal bleed isn't great health-wise.Talk to your doctor about this, consider switching to another birth control option or brand.

Is it possible to get pregnant during ovulation if using birth control pills?

You will not ovulate if you take BCPs as directed.

Do you ovulate while you are on birth control?

No. if you were you could get pregnant.No, normally birth control stops ovulation. It is possible to have breakthrough ovulation; that's how birth control pill failures occur.

Does taking two pills at once three times a day help you ovulate when your period is delayed?

No, taking birth control pills is designed to prevent ovulation, not induce ovulation.

How long do you get your period for after you take birth control?

When you take birth control pills, you will have your period arriving during the 7 days break. During this time your period may last between 2-7 days.

Spot bleeding during the week of your period on birth control?

Any amount of brown or red spotting or discharge counts as a period on birth control.

When do you ovulate if you're on birth control?

Hormonal birth control is meant to prevent ovulation. You do not normally ovulate if you're on birth control.

Is it possible to not have your period while on the birth control pill?

Yes it is a side effect of the pills suppressing ovulation - many woman have no period while taking the pill.

If a woman does not wait to start birth control on the week of her period is the birth control still effective?

If you start your birth control after your period, it is effective within days, if you start at any other time it should not be relied upon until after the next period. This is because ovulation may have already occurred (there is an egg already released waiting to be fertilized)

Do you get a period after being on birth control for only one month?

You should still get a period while taking birth control pills. Your period usually occurs during the placebo week of pills. If the birth control was not taken properly, then there may be a chance of pregnancy, which delays your period. If you have not gotten your period during the placebo week, your should take a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to get pregnant while on a birth control that stops your period?

This would be extremely rare if you have not missed any pills since the method of stopping your period is to stop ovulation.

Will you be protected on birth control if you had un-protected sex on your period during the week of the pills your supposed to take to get your period on birth control?

As long as you have not missed any of the pills during the first three weeks in the pack, you are still protected during your period.

Do you have to wait for your period to start the birth control pill?

wait til the Sunday during or after your period

I got my IUD out and went on the patch the same day i bleed the first week on the patch and i had a period 2 weeks later how can i tell ovulation?

The birth control patch is meant to prevent ovulation.