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Not necessarily. Insurance carriers require that you list the primary driver of the vehicle for rating purposes.

If you deliberately omit a high risk driver in order to save on premiums they may decline coverage if there is an accident.

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Q: Does the car that you are driving regularly need to be insured in your name?
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Is your boyfriend insured driving your car?

You need to add him to your insurance or he must have his own. Your boyfriend is not automatically insured.

Can you have a car in your name with no license but some else driving it with a license and insured on it too?

Some insurance companies will allow the named insured to be excluded depending on the reason. The policy would need to be in your name if the vehicle is in your name. Any drivers must be listed as drivers on the policy but not as the insured.

Do you need insurance with a learner's permit?

Yes. All cars on the road have to be insured. If you have a learners permit, then you need to be driving with someone who does have their license and is insured.

Do you need to insure a driver with a learners permit in CO?

If they're going to be driving, they need to be insured.

In Columbus does a car need to be in your name to be insured?


Do you have to be the owner of the vehicle to be insured on it?

You do not need to be the owner of the vehicle in order to be insured while driving the vehicle. Most states require all drivers of a vehicle to be included in the insurance policy.

Driving in New York City?

You need to be licensed, insured and properly inspected to operate a vehicle in NYC, and obey the rules.

Auot insurance in MA and have no insurance?

If you do not own a car or live in a household with a car owner who is related to you, you don't actually need your own insurance as long as the person whose car you are driving has insurance. However, that is only true for the occasional trip in a friend's car. If you regularly use the vehicle you would need to get insured.

Do Americans need to purchase insurance to drive in Canada?

If you are insured with AAA in California and driving a vehicle you own that is insured on your policy,AAA will extend the coverage to that car while you are driving in Canada.You need to bring your evidence of insurance with you along with a Canada Non-resident inter-province(IP) liability card. These Canada IP cards are provided at your local AAA office,at no charge,I might add!If your not insured with AAA well you should be!

A teenage driver does not have a car does he need to be insured if he cannot drive the parents car?

If he's not driving the parents car then he should not need to be insured for it. He should however be insured for whatever car he "Is" driving. All drivers are required to carry financial responsibility, regardless of who's car they are driving. This can be accomplished by being a scheduled driver on the car owner's policy, or in some cases by a non owners policy. Also bare in mind that parents and legal gaurdians can be held financially liable for the acts of minors.

Your parents are divorced whos auto insurance do you need to be insured under?

You need to be insured where you live.

If you need to get personally insured so you can practice driving in another persons car to take the driving test what do you do to do that?

To drive another person's car you must be a named driver on the vehicle's insurance policy.

Does a new teenage driver need to be insured himself if hes only driving his parents insured cars?

He should be a rated driver in the house on something. If not,,,the insurance company could decide to cancel if the teenage driver was not rated, and had a negligent accident.

If your 15-year-old sister is getting her license but not a car will she need car insurance in California?

She will need to be insured for any car that she is driving. Generally the insurance "follows" the car not the driver but there are exceptions. For example, if she is driving the family car she will need to be included in the policy coverage.

Do you need car insurance if you don't own a car?

The answer to your question is no,unless your driving someone elses car at anytime,then you must be insured for that vehicle and that vehicle only..

Are plumbing companies legally insured?

Not all are insured, but the good ones tend to be. If you need a plumber I would do my research and ask if they are insured.

Do you have to be insured to get your license?

A person has to be insured when they get their license because that is what the law says and you need to follow that.

Is driving a van for a company that is off the books a good idea?

Probably not. You need to make sure your personal auto insurance covers you when you're driving vehicles other than your own, and you need to make sure the vehicle owned by the company is fully insured with you as a driver.

Should I buy car insurance before I start my driving test if I am a student driver in Florida?

If the car is not currently insured, then you need to get insurance on the car that you will be driving. You can purchase liability only if you are looking to go the cheaper route.

Do you have to have insurance if your under 18?

If you want to drive a car you need to have a valid driver's license and the car you are driving must be insured. You don't necessarily have to have your name listed on the policy if you are only borrowing the car from a friend. Be careful though there can be limitations on the coverage in some states if you are not a listed driver on the policy covering the car you are driving.

Does the proposed insured intend to replace or change any existing policy?

If you are the proposed insured you need to answer that question. If you are the agent you need to ask it!

What is California's policy on car insurance for new drivers?

For a new driver to receive insurance in California, you will need to talk to your legal guardian. You cannot be insured yourself, but have to be insured under your guardians name.

If your child has a learners permit and does not drive your cars do they need insurance?

If they're not driving anything of yours, they don't need to be insured for your vehicles. However, if you have a child with a learner's permit, your insurance rates will likely be affected, regardless.

Can insured person drive an uninsured car?

We need to know what he's insured for. If he's insured to drive the car, then yes. If he's insured with life insurance, then no. But normally it's the car that carries the insurance.

Do you need a business license to be bonded and insured?