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Does the company repossessing a vehicle have to notify the co-signer?

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Read the contract you co-signed. It should relate the info you want. USUALLY, lenders dont notify the co-signor until the car is sold at auction and its time to PAY UP.

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Does the repossession company have to notify the police that they are repossessing a car before they take it in Missouri?


Do Alabama repo companies have to notify you before repossessing your vehicle?

The state of Alabama is a self help repossession state, therefore a repossession agency is not required to notify you before they repossess your vehicle. Repossessors are under various state and federal laws and regulations and are prevented from breaching the peace among other things.

How many day do you have to notify your insurance company after buying a used vehicle?

2 days

What are the repossession laws in NC?

A few basic guidelines:Repossession must be peacefulRepossessors may not enter any vehicle other than the one they're repossessing, even to move it out of the way in order to facilitate the repossession.Repossessors may not open locked gates or enter structures without permission.Repossessors must notify local authorities when they are repossessing a vehicle.

How many days does a towing company have to notify owner of recovery of stolen vehicle?

generally they have ten days

Does the lender have to notify the cosigner if the person responsible does not make a payment?

In some states yes.

Is it the responsibility of an insurance company to notify the lien holder on a vehicle if any change in coverage?

Yes, they are required by law to notify your lien holder of any change in coverage.

In New York State can an automobile be repossessed if it is in a carport and the repossessing agent does not notify you of his presence?

Yes. New York follows UCC laws when it pertains to the repossession of a vehicle. The borrower does not need to be notified of the action and the vehicle can be taken if it is not in an enclosed garage or locked property and there is not a breach of peace.

Does the lender have to notify you as a cosigner if the primary borrower fails to make a payment?

No, but if the borrower misses enough payments, the cosigner will start getting collection calls as well.

If you are a cosigner on a loan will a loan company repossess the vehicle then let you pay it off and take possession without ruining your credit?

Contact the lender and let them knoiw that if ANY case the debtor defaults to notify you so you can payoff the loan. Add that you will payoff after repo with NO repo reported on YOUR credit.

Does motor vehicle notify your car insurance company when you get a speekding ticket and pints?

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) does not notify your insurance company, however, the information becomes accessible to your insurance company through your MVR (motor vehicle record). Your car insurance company has the right to pull your MVR prior to your car insurance renewal and to give you a higher rate because of this. Not all companies pull MVRs every renewal because it does cost money.

What happens if a leased vehicle is in an accident?

If a leased vehicle is in an accident, the lessor has to notify the lease company, along with their insurance company. Sometime the lease company will have you go through your insurance for repairs, other times they send you to their repair shop (if they have one).

Can a repo company repo a car without giving wrighten notice of the repo?

Laws vary by state, but, generally, yes. They'll notify the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area where they're repossessing the vehicle from, and the law enforcement agency will typically give notification of the repossession if the vehicle is reported stolen. However, most people with vehicles up for repossession are aware of it, and can put two and two together.

What type of notice needs to be given before repossession of a vehicle?

Actually a company can reposses your vehicle without notice. When the terms of a finance contract is broken the company has all rightd at that time. They are under no obligation to notify you.

What is the procedure for repossessing a vehicle on private property in Florida?

You need not notify the vehicle owner. It can be repossessed from a private driveway or yard. You cannot break into a garage nor threaten the owner with violence. The person doing the repossession must be licensed by the State. Within five days, you must send written notification to the owner, telling him to come get his personal belongings that were in the vehicle.

Does comprehensive and collision transfer to a new purchased vehicle in Texas?

Yes, If your currently insured vehicle is traded in or upgraded then the newly purchased vehicle is automatically covered for the first 30 days with the exact same coverage as the vehicle you traded in. Within these thirty days you are required to notify your insurer of the vehicle change. Failure to notify the company within the required time period can void or nullify coverage on the newly acquired vehicle. Not that if the Newly purchased vehicle is an additional vehicle purchase, meaning it is not substituting or replacing an already insured vehicle, it may not be covered at all until added to your policy. This will vary by your state insurance laws. you have to notify your insurance company and they will transfer it to you until you can take it in to them to see and fill out forms.

Which states' lenders are supposed to notify the cosigner before reporting a late payment to credit bureaus?


What is the longest amount of time one has in which to notify insurers of damage?

Whenever damages occur on a home or a vehicle, it is best to notify your insurance company as soon as possible so that they may begin processing your claim. However, life often gets in the way and individuals struggle to notify their insurance companies when there is a need. It is necessary to notify the insurance company before your next billing cycle occurs.

Which states require the lienholder to give notification before repossessing a vehicle?

There are 7 states that require the lender to notify the borrower that the lender is asserting their "right to cure". Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts,South Carolina and West Virginia. Wisconsin requires the lender to obtain a replevin order before the vehicle can be recovered.

Does the auto insurance company notify the motor vehicle department when an insurer dieds?

No. An auto insurance company has no way of knowing when an insured dies unless the family notifies the agent.

What if bank did not notify you of the sale date on the repossessed vehicle?

They do not have to notify you. You have no legal rights regarding car.

Can you find my car by the VIN if it was stolen or repossessed?

There are certain strict procedures that an automobile repossessor must follow when he is repossessing your car. The repossessor must notify the police that such vehicle is being repossessed, you did before or after the repossession has occurred. In either case, the police should know right away that the vehicle was repossessed. If this is not the case, then the vehicles like to have been stolen.

Can you drive a new vehicle if your old vehicle insurance with out switching it over?

No. You need to contact your insurance company. they are not all the same. Most insurance companies will give you a short grace period in which to notify them of a vehicle change such as a trade in situation. If it's an additional vehicle you have acquired, there would be no coverage until you have contacted your insurance company.

Is the lender obligated to notify a cosigner if a payment is past due in the State of Wisconsin?

No, the cosigner may be the first one the lender attempts to collect from if the primary borrower defaults. That will probably be the only "warning" one receives.

What to notify DMV after 5 days?

When selling your vehicle.