Does the earth revolve above or under the sun?

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Above and below are concepts which don't really apply when you are not standing on the surface of the Earth. We define 'down' as towards the centre of the Earth.
There is no such thing as up and down in space, so it just revolves around the sun.
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How does the earth revolve around the sun?

The Earth revolves around the Sun in a slightly elliptical orbit,moving in a counter-clockwise direction when viewed from thecelestial north it also revolves on its axis.

Does the sun revolve around the earth?

No, the Earth revolves around the Sun every 365 days. While the Earth is revolving around the Sun it also is spinning and spins once every 24 hours, that is how we get a day.

Why sun revolves around the earth?

The sun doesn't revolve around the earth the Sun is for all intents and purposes stationary 1 . The Earth Rotates around the sun as do all the other planets. --------------

Why sun not revolving around the earth?

Astronomically, you only get smaller masses orbiting larger ones - try imagining a tennis ball on the end of a string, with you swinging the tennis ball around. Now imagine

Which direction does earth revolve around the sun when viewed from above?

The question realized, correctly, that a vantage point has to be specified, because different observers in different places will interpret revolution to be taking place in
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Why is earth revolving around the sun?

The earth is revolving around the sun because God made it that way! Also, because we need sunlight! Or we would die.... :O
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Why earth revolves round the the sun?

the earth revolves around the sun because of two main components in space. Inertia and gravitational pull. The sun has a gravitational pull on all of the planets but to keep t
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Why does not the sun revolve around the earth?

Because the sun is way bigger than the earth. And the sun's gravitational pull is way stronger than the earth. So the answer is the sun's gravitational pull. Because without t
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Is earth revolves around the sun?

A commonly accepted theory is that the Earth rotates around the sun in 365.25 days, so yes. Though you could say that is moves in a straight line and that spacetime is curved