Does the greeen smoothies diet really work?

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Best Answer This site talks all about how the smoothies diet can help you lose weight. Eating the right things in a shake in the morning can help you feel fuller through out the day and help you lose weight because of it.

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Q: Does the greeen smoothies diet really work?
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Does the mucusless diet really work?

The mucusless diet really does work. It is a diet that doesn't have mucus in the food that you eat. It is a very helpful diet if you really want to lose weight.

Do Smoothies really work for weight loss and keep you healthy and the same time?

Smoothies are a healthy food for diet and weight loss but one must be very careful with the ingredients used. Use fat free or low fat yogurt and milk. Add a good protein powder and some fruit.

Will squats really work if you are on a diet and don't really eat junk?

That will depend on what diet you have and what your goals are.

Does lipozene diet pills really work?


Does the optifast diet actually work?

The optifast diet does really work. The diet is mainly where you eat foods with optifast in them so you lose the weight you want to lose really quickly.

Are there diet tips that really work?

Weight Watchers is one of the best diet programs. If one attends the meetings, one will lose weight, get support and lots of diet tips that really work.

Does the Acai Berry diet really work?


Does the clean diet actually work?

It works for some and then it doesnt work for some other people. It really just depends on how your body adapts to the diet. No diet is a garantee to work.

Does the osteoporosis diet really work?

The osteoporosis diet does work but it is not a diet that is intended for fast weight loss. The website mentioned gives the osteroporosis diet plan and how it helps more for your bones.

Which commercial diet books or plans really work?

A high protein, low carbohydrate diet like the South Beach Diet plan, or the Atkins Diet plan really work. This is because protein and vegetables are used for energy and carbohydrates are low and do not turn into fat.

Does the longevity diet really work?

From what I have heard this diet has been said to work. However, I do know people who have tried this diet, and it has failed. So over all I would say that this diet is not effective at all.

Does the banana diet really work?

NO!!!!!!!!! I gained like 14 pounds!!!!

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