Does the mother of a child in joint custody have the right to take her out of state without asking the father?

Absolutely NOT! If you find that you need to move out of state, you need to file a motion to amend your settlement agreement with regards to custody issues. Most likely you will have to pay for the father's attorney's fees in order to do this and the courts do not have to allow you to move. If possible, work out the negotiations between yourselves and have a court mediator make the changes, to save on legal fees. There will be issues regarding visitation (you will probably have to pay at least half of the cost, if not all for transportation of your minor child to travel back and forth between your residences) and reasonable parenting time must be set up for the father. ANSWER However, if the mother is only taking the child on a very temporary vacation, she should simply try to avoid any interference with visitation. The mother should let the father know where they will be or how to reach them in case of a family emergency.