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You could get an answer from your state court consumer protection division re this question.

But my common sense would be no!

Nothing is needed with your signature on it. You failed to repay the loan as laid out in the terms of your contract, suit more than likely was filed against you regarding this matter. The financial institution has legal rights to the vehicle via a lien, they dispatch a repo man who locates and takes back the vehicle, usually in the dead of night while you sleep, to avoid any confrontation.

Depends on what the release is for. A personal property release says that you have gotten all your PP out of the car. You cant say you had $1500.00 in the car when it was repoed. A vol. release says that AND that you are returning the car and you KNOW you will be responsible for any defiency balance due after the lender sells the car. Read what you are asked to sign. If the car is repoed in the nite, you wont be asked to sign it. Usually the repoman is trying to get the keys cause he cant afford a repo truck. He wants to DRIVE it away. LOL

Why can't you say there 1500.00 in the truck when it was repoed if there was??

No you do not sign a release. Most of the time you won't even know you were repoed until after the fact.

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yes so you can get the car back when you need it if you don't mind me asking how did you get your car repossesed

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Q: Does the owner need to sign a release form when their vehicle is repossessed?
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Is there a form or affidavit for repossessing vehicles and is there a website you can download it from?

Not sure what you are wanting. Do you need a vehicle repossessed?

How do you file for an abandoned title in Arizona?

For filing for an abandoned title in Arizona you must contact the DMV. The process includes an inspector coming to inspect the abandoned vehicle in which you receive an inspection form. With this form you may fill out an abandoned title report. You may obtain an abandoned title report at the DMV. With this report notarized, the inspection form, and $10 they will begin the abandoned title application. What happens is the DMV sends out a noification to the last owner. They give a 45 day period for the owner to respond. If no owner responds, they send you a form allowing you to title the vehicle in your name. If the owner responds, they are given 30 days to remove the vehicle. In the past, I have had titles that had no record of owners. This may happen if you have had the vehicle for quite some time (mine was ten+ years). For any questions on application or other you may contact the Abandoned Vehicle Department at (602)-712-7784.

Another word for regaining possession?

The verb for regaining possession is repossess; the noun form is repossession; the adjective form is repossessed.

How do you get a 30 day hold lifted on your car?

You pay off the loan on the vehicle, if any, then change the registered owner of the vehicle. Once the loan has been satisfied, the bank can send you or the dmv the title to the car. Once you have the title you can make yourself the "legal owner" (as opposed to the bank). This means you will own the value of the car. Tell the DMV you would like to change the "registered owner" of the vehicle. Make sure it is someone who is licensed to drive and someone you trust (not to steal your car). The new registered owner will be able to pick up the car without waiting 30 days. You may need to get a "police release" from the arresting agency. If so, it's pretty simple. Go to the police station that made the arrest, pay the fee and they will fill out a form and give it to you. Ask the people who are holding the vehicle if you need a police release.

If you have a signed title do you need a bill of sale in AZ?

The AZ motor vehicle department does have a state approved bill of sale form that is completed and signed by the owner.

What happens if you lose the keys to your GMC Envoy?

um..... you cant drive the vehicle?? Go to the dealer, with your vehicle registration, or some form of proof that you are the owner, and they will make a new key. Sometimes they will be found 30 years later, but they will be rusty.

Why would one need a bill of sale form?

You need it to prove that you actually bought the vehicle, and you are the legitimate owner. Many jurisdictions also use this to determine a sales tax.

When buying a used boat how do you do a lien search?

If you are trying to see if the current owner still has a payoff on the vehicle, it will say on the title. If it is a free and clear title then the original lien holder has to sign off on the title. Some states have a title and a form called a lien release. What state do you live in?

What is an abstract noun of owner?

The abstract noun form of the concrete noun 'owner' is ownership.

What is the full form for RV?

The full form is Recreational Vehicle.

You bought a car but the guy you bought it from does not have the title how do you get your title?

Lost Vehicle TitleGenerally you can apply for a lost title through your state Department of Motor Vehciels or Department of Licensing. It may make it easier if the previous owner goes with you (assuming he is the registered owner). States normally require that a previous owner notify them that a vehicle has been sold. In addition: You will have to submit an application for a lost title/damaged title. I believe only the registered owner of the vehicle from when it was title originally can obtain a replacement.In Ca the lost/not received/transfer form is available at DMV thiis is used for sale on auto where seller still has the title and never transfereed to themselves yet so has no "title" so you include additional title (form is a blank need to fill out all info on vehicle , seller, and buyer turn in with the other title(the one your seller never turned in for themselves, or you can use the lost/not received/transfer form if the other has been lost

What is the abstract noun for owner?

The abstract noun form of the concrete noun 'owner' is ownership.

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