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No, the parent does not automatically become a citizen.

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If a child has a United States citizen as a parent, they are a citizen as well.

Yes. The child will be a US citizen. The parent will need to apply for permanent residency.

When the child reach the age of 21 he can sponsor the parent to come to the US. But the parent cannot be in the US while sponsored by the child. The child must also qualify financially (i.e. be able to show the ability to financially support the parent, if needs be). Sponsorship provides a US permanent resident visa for the parent. The parent is then eligible to become a US citizen via the naturalization process, the same as for any other permanent resident visa holder.

Do you mean to ask if the child is a US citizen? Depends on how long the US citizen parent has been resident in the US. Need five years after age 14 to qualify.

Yes the child is as long as one parent is a US citizen. At 18 the child may have a choice of choosing one citizenship since they hold a dual citizenship.

Whether or not you have a child who is a US citizen, you can become a US citizen if you are legally in the country, have lived in the US continuously for 5 years or more, are not disqualified by past criminal convictions and the like, pass a test, pay a fee, and take an oath. Having a child who is a US citizen does not exempt you from any of the naturalization requirements that apply to non-citizens in general.

Merely having a US citizen child gives the parent no legal status- the parent is still an illegal. The parent is still subject to arrest and deportation. The US government can, and does, deport parents of US citizen children. At that point the parent can either give up the child for adoption or take the child with them to their native country.

The different ways in which you can become a citizen of the US are : 1) through birth in the US, 2) through naturalization 3) acquiring citizenship through birth abroad to US citizen parents 4) automatically deriving citizenship through naturalized parents A child that is born in the US becomes a US citizen irrespective of the status of its parents. A permanent resident can apply for naturalization if he/she has had the green card for 5 years (3 in case of being married to a US citizen) and meets all the other eligibility requirements. A child born abroad to US citizen parent(s) can claim citizenship through the parent(s). There are certain residency conditions that the parents should meet. The child should be living in the legal custody of the US citizen parent. A child automatically becomes a citizen if his/her parent(s) naturalize before the child turns 18. The child should be a permanent resident and meet other eligibility requirements as well.

As far as i know the parent would have to first become a citizen, moving them from legal resident status, once the parent files for US citizenship he/she also files for the underage child/ren. the under age child/ren then automatically become citizens the same time as the parent. This is what my father in law and many others i know did when they migrated to the US.

After the citizen child turn 18 he can make a petition for his parents to naturalized in the united states.

The US citizen parent must have five years US residence after age 14 for the child to be a US citizen. In this case, no. The sex of the US parent has no bearing on the case.

the parent should be on the birth certificate so long as they are the biological parent. Doesn't matter if they are a US citizen or not.

Yes. If the US citizen is the father and the child was born outside the US, the child may later need to prove paternity in order to be recognized as a citizen.

Absolutely. The child can become a US citizen through its parents who are US citizens. The child has to apply for citizenship by filing in Form N-600 to obtain the certificate of citizenship. The child should be under 18 years of age in order to document their citizenship status. Even if the child was born outside the US, it will become a US citizen though its US citizen parents.

There are one way to become a naturalized citizen. A person that was born outside the United States to parents who aren't citizens of the US. Explanations: A child born in the USA from parents who are both already US citizens do NOT need "naturalized". All are natural citizens. A child outside the US if both parents are US citizens is accepted as a US citizen. A child born in a US possession if one parent is a US citizen qualifies for natural US citizenship.

Anyone born is the a US citizen PERIOD. NO. not true. The child is a native born not natural born as defined by the framers of our Constitution

Yes, the child is eligible. The child is automatically a Citizen of the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act ("INA"), Section 320!

The following guidelines must be met before the child is considered a US citizen: * the child is under 18 years of age; * the child is or becomes a permanent resident (not a greencard holder); * at least one parent of the child became a sworn naturalized US citizen after February 27, 2001; * the child lives with and is in the legal custody of the US citizen parent. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service website for more information.

A newborn child is a US citizen if s/he is born inside the United States OR if one of his or her parents is a US citizen at the time of his or her birth.

Yes, if it relates to a biological child,he status of the minor child is irrelevant. If the child was born in the US he or she is a US citizen regardless of the citizenship status (or lack thereof) of the parent(s)

yes and no. yes because he has to live 5 years in the US and no because he was not born in the US

Yes, if the child was born outside the US and one of the biological parents was a US citizen, you should go to the nearest embassy or consulate general of the US and register the child's birth so that he or she can officially be a US citizen (they are entitled to automatic US citizenship). If the child is born in the US, the birth certificate of the child is the proof of citizenship and no other paperwork is required. If the child was not the biological child of a US citizen (he or she was adopted, or belong to a non-citizen spouse that the US citizen has married), then the US citizen will have to apply for a US permanent residency visa for that child. The child is then eligible to become a naturalized US citizen after they turn 18 OR have lived in the US for 5 years, whichever comes later.

Yes. Any child born on U.S. soil is a citizen, even if the parent isn't one.

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