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Polar bears are found in the Arctic region.
Polar bears live in the Arctic region

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2014-10-02 21:44:57
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the oceans surrounding the north polar and south polar regions respectively. 

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what do polar bairs eat

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Q: Does the polar bear live in the Arctic or Antarctic region?
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Why do polar bears only live in the Arctic region and not in the Antarctic region?

Because the antarctic region is colder than the arctic and the Polar bear won't get the warmth it needs.

What are the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic?

The difference is that in the arctic there are Polar bears and in the antarctic there are penguins. You will never find a polar bear in the antarctic and you will never find a penguin in the arctic.

Who knows what word arctic and Antarctic mean. These are Eskimo words?

The word Arctic means "bear" and Antarctic means "No bear" referring to the polar bear. The polar bear lives only in the north pole

What is the scientific name of the Antarctic polar bear?

There is no Antarctic polar bear. All polar bears live in the Arctic which have the scientific name of Ursus maritimus.

Where is a polar bear's location?

in the arctic region!

Why is it called Antarctica?

The north polar regions are called the Arctic, a word that supposedly descends from a Greek word for "bear;" the extreme north was the region of the North Star, and the constellations of and near the North Star are the Great Bear and the Little Bear. The south polar regions are "anti-arctic," that is, as far away from the arctic as you can get. Therefore, Antarctic. Antarctica means Land of the Antarctic.

What animals live in Canada's Arctic region?

the polar bear

What type of animals live in the arctic region?

arctic fox,polar bear,and weasel

Does a polar bear live in the Arctic?

Yes, they range all across the Arctic region.

Can you give me a sentence using the word polar?

A Polar Bear is found in the Arctic region, which has a polar climate.

What happened to polar bears in Antarctica?

The polar bear has never been a part of the Antarctic wildlife. They evolved in the Arctic only.

Where do you find wild polar bears?

Wild polar bears are found up north in the Arctic. You will NEVER find a polar bear in the Antarctic.

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