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Does the scent of a cat deter mice?


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No, but if you need a mouser a Female cat is best. Males are lazy and the females are natural hunters.


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Ammonia has a very strong odor. It will deter rodents, including mice and rats. It is a more natural deterrent than poisons.

get a cat,block any small holes near outside pipes.

Outdoor cats hunt mice through sight and scent. When a cat senses a mouse, the cat hunches down and stalks it slowly, pouncing on it when it is close enough.

Scents such as food attract mice.

I have read that the scent of a ferret (and also ferret poop) would drive away mice and rats. As someone that has the seasonal intrussion of field mice into our house, and also has a house full of ferrets, I can tell you that they are NOT scared away by the scent of least not the domestic ferret that people keep as pets. I run a ferret shelter, and have had up to 45 ferrets in the shelter at one time. Each fall and winter, we get an influx of field mice in the shelter itself as well as the main house. We have ferrets that have free run of the house, and this does not deter the mice from stealing food from their bowls.

In the wild, male mice scent-mark their territory to keep other male mice away. This is an instinctive behaviour and they will also scent-mark their cages when kept as pets, because that is the area they recognise as their own territory. Female mice do not scent mark in the same way, so male mice kept in captivity do tend to smell more than female mice.

No. Cats are not fond of the scent of citric acid. Orange peel is commonly used to deter cats from certain areas when being trained not to scratch furniture or spray indoors.

the best cat for mice is a kitten so the kitten can grow up around the mice and know that the mice are not food or an adult cat that all ready knows not to kill the mouse

Rats and mice would know that a ferret is around by their scent.

Well think about what a cat eats.Cats eat mice and mice eat corn.So if the mice eat the corn then they would grow and be healthy for the cat to eat.If the mice didn't eat corn then they wouldn't grow so the cat wopuldn't have anything to eat.So corn is important to a cat because mice eat corn and cat eat mice.Hoped it helped!

Cat scent glands are on their paw pads and on the corners of their mouths.

cats eat mice so when the cat is gone the mice are safe from getting eaten

The cat that doesn't eat mice is Garfieldin the show "Garfield" and "the Garfield show" is about Garfield that doesnt eat mice

The mice hung a bell around the cat's neck.

A cat could help catch or deter the rodents If this is not an option where you live make sure there are no crumbs or other food available to attract them. Lay bait or set traps

It has a death wish? My guess is that it did it once and the scent remains. The scent of urine will prompt the cat to return. The scent will remain unless the clothes are laundered well. There are scent removers that you can find at the pet store and at some grocery stores.

In, "the cat lurked after mice," lurked means hunted after, or chased after.

Mice have an incredible sense of smell, so the scent of Bounce dryer sheets may repel mice in the short term. However, you should not depend on them as a long-term solution. The smell will likely only deter them from the immediate area, but they won't travel far. They are very curious little creatures and eventually will learn that the sheets are harmless, and they will lose their overall affect.

Cat feces does not attract mice. You should not keep cat feces around; it is not sanitary to keep it around in your house.

The scent is added to cat litter for the benefit of the humans, not the cat. If you clean the litterbox often enough, ususally daily, all the scent needed would be baking soda scent. Some scents are deterents for going near things.

Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you". Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you".

They chase mice

Yes. My cat got fixed and brings home mice almost every day

Put food and water out for it. Leave something with your scent on it.

The smell of a cat living in the house is often enough to scare mice into leaving. If you're talking about pet mice, then yes, you can keep both cats and mice, but if you want to keep your mice feeling safe and happy, don't let your cat wander around in the same room as the mouse cage.

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