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No, but if you need a mouser a Female cat is best. Males are lazy and the females are natural hunters.

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Q: Does the scent of a cat deter mice?
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Is Ammonia scent deter rats and mice?

Ammonia has a very strong odor. It will deter rodents, including mice and rats. It is a more natural deterrent than poisons.

How do you deter mice?

get a cat,block any small holes near outside pipes.

How do cats hunt mice?

Outdoor cats hunt mice through sight and scent. When a cat senses a mouse, the cat hunches down and stalks it slowly, pouncing on it when it is close enough.

Does peppermint deter mice?


What scent deters mice?


What scent attracts pet mice?

Scents such as food attract mice.

What did the mice do about the cat in The Brave Mice?

The mice hung a bell around the cat's neck.

Would the scent of a ferret scare away field mice?

I have read that the scent of a ferret (and also ferret poop) would drive away mice and rats. As someone that has the seasonal intrussion of field mice into our house, and also has a house full of ferrets, I can tell you that they are NOT scared away by the scent of least not the domestic ferret that people keep as pets. I run a ferret shelter, and have had up to 45 ferrets in the shelter at one time. Each fall and winter, we get an influx of field mice in the shelter itself as well as the main house. We have ferrets that have free run of the house, and this does not deter the mice from stealing food from their bowls.

Do male mice smell worse than female mice?

In the wild, male mice scent-mark their territory to keep other male mice away. This is an instinctive behaviour and they will also scent-mark their cages when kept as pets, because that is the area they recognise as their own territory. Female mice do not scent mark in the same way, so male mice kept in captivity do tend to smell more than female mice.

Does a cat like the smell of oranges?

No. Cats are not fond of the scent of citric acid. Orange peel is commonly used to deter cats from certain areas when being trained not to scratch furniture or spray indoors.

Do mice and rats know if there is a ferret around it?

Rats and mice would know that a ferret is around by their scent.

Does a cat eat mice?

yes they do eat mice.

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