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Does the sun appear to rise in the west and set in the east at the Panama Canal?

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2011-10-07 21:40:16

No. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west everywhere on

Earth. it does appear to be more southerly or northerly depending

upon your latitude.

The above is true; however, the sun does appear to rise over the

Pacific Ocean and set over the Atlantic Ocean at the ends of the


This answer is wrong although the author gets a little of it

right, sort of. I have no idea what the second author is trying to


First let me, like the first author, say it depends on your

latitude. Let me correct the author's statement in his/her second

paragraph. The sun does rise in the east and set in the west if you

are standing on the equator (0 degrees latitude) The sun rise

doesn't appear to move south or north; it actually does move to a

more northerly or more southerly point on the horizon, depending on

your latitude and the time of year.

Anyone who has visited an extreme northern clime, let's say

Fairbanks, (63 degrees north) has seen the sun set in the east for

months at a time. But even most Alaskans don't think about it. It

is hard to imagine but if you ever see it, or see a video of it you

will understand. This phenomenon is what causes the midnight sun in


At certain times of the year, near the summer solstice, the sun

rises in the east like we all expect it to. It climbs to its zenith

in the west then comes back down and sets in the east, very near

the point it set.

That distance between the point on the horizon where the sun

sets and rises moves further apart each day so that on the equinox

the sun travels directly over head, 12 hours of sun up 12 hours of


Still not convinced? Think about this. If you are standing on

the North Pole, in the summer season, the sun doesn't rise or set

in the east or the west.

My suggestion is you stop using sites like this to get your

knowledge. Go to a site that lists sunrise and sunset times for any

place on the globe for any day of the year.

So now I will ask you, does the sun ever rise in the west?

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