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The tachometer is an electrical device that senses the ignition system. It indicates engine RPM (revolutions per minute). Engine rpm and crankshaft rpm are two ways of expressing the same thing. True, the crankshaft does rotate twice for each complete set of cylinder firings but the tachometer counts each rotation.

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Q: Does the tachometer on a car measure crankshaft rpm or engine rpm considering that the crankshaft rotates twice for each full cycle of the engine in a four stroke engine?
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What is twisting in cars?

crankshaft The crankshaft rotates. A torsion bar twists.

What device assures that the flywheel rotates with the crankshaft?


Does a 1991 integra have a crankshaft speed fluctuation sensor?

There is a crankshaft position sensor that measures how fast it rotates

Does the camshaft rotates at what speed?

One half the speed of the crankshaft.

An automotive engines canshaft rotates at?

The engine's camshaft rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft. The crankshaft turns two full turns for every one full turn of the camshaft.

Rotates the crankshaft as the piston moves down the cyliner?

i am doing a coures in tafe inspect and service engines and i would like to know this rotates the crankshaft as the piston moves down the cylinder

An automotive engine's camshaft rotates?

one half the speed of the crankshaft.

What is a crank bearing?

It's a bearing that the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine rotates on.

Do the pistons turn the crankshaft or the crankshaft turn the pistons?

Technically both, before the vehicle is running on its own via combustion the crankshaft rotates and moves the pistons, once combustion has occurred the pistons take over if you will and turn the crank which rotates the next piston into position for combustion

What Main bearing on a light vehicle engine are normally used?

Main bearings are what the crankshaft rotates on.

How many turns in crankshaft to complete 1 revolution in V6 engine?

A crankshaft is the part of the engine that the linear piston rotates. The amount of turns in a crankshaft to complete 1 revolution in a V6 engine is four.

What is automotive crankshaft?

A shaft that connects the pistons through rods and rotates for Compression Exhaust and Intake of the enginge

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