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yes it does, but not in a bad way. my guitar is a greg bennet OM6 CE. it's made out of an African wood called Ovangkohl. the main woods used for Guitars are mahogany, rosewood and maple. these woods give the guitar a different sound, not hugely different though. the ovagkohl made guitar is stated that "Its tone is balanced, with a bit more low-end response than that of mahogany". most guitarist try many guitars to see which sound and feel suits them. you have to love the guitar your playing to actually love playing it. the guitars shape and size, string material and type also determine what the sound will be like.

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How are guitar transmitters used?

Guitar transmitters are used to transmit the sound that the musician is creating on the guitar to a speaker which is magnifying the sound for the audience.

What type of guitar sound used in pressure by paramore?

both electric guitars, one used for the lead and one for the rythm

What are Behringer amps used for?

Behringer amps are electric guitar amplifiers. They are used to amplify the sound of the guitar. There are different models for bass guitar and lead guitar.

What is the body on a guitar for?

the body on a guitar it used to ring out the sound. without the body it would not sound as smooth and not give the strings such a good sound. me knowing because i have played the guitar since i was 6.

What is the best guitar for psychedelic rock sound?

a rickenbacher is used alot or a fender guitar

What is an Engl Powerball used for?

An Engl Powerball is used to amplify the sound of a guitar. They are attached to the head of the guitar. These can be purchased online and in store from most guitar retailers.

The tremelo system on a guitar is used for what?

To Change The Pitch Of The Sound

What is the purpose of using a guitar amplifier?

The main purpose of a guitar amplifier is to simply amplify the signal coming from an electric guitar. Essentially using the amplifier as a type of loudspeaker. They can also be used to modify the sound of the guitar as well, but simple signal amplification is the main purpose.

Guitar used in party in the USA?

its an electric guitar that is set on acoustic sound, with a bit of delay added.

What is the middle of a guitar called?

Guitar has three main parts: guitar body, neck, and a head. Guitar head has tuning pegs which are used to tighten the strings. Guitar neck has frets which are used to shorten the string and produce different pitches. Guitar body is where the sound is produced. Guitar body has three main parts: the top (soundboard), back, and sides. The top has additional different parts: sound hole (a cutout in the body through which the sound comes out), rosette (does not have any sound-producing purpose, but ornaments the sound hole), bridge (holds the strings on the lower side), and saddle (transfers the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard).

What instruments where used in the song the scientist by Coldplay?

Namely, an upright piano, a keyboard (used for the strings sound effect), an accoustic guitar, a drum set, standard bass guitar and an electric guitar.

Can guitar effects pedals be used one any type of amp?

Effect pedals can be used with anything, though you have to take into concideration how well it will sound as it depends on variables such as settings on guitar, amp and pedals, leads you use etc..... It's all about experimenting.

What is the electric guitar?

It is a guitar that is fitted with Pic-ups these are used to capture the sound from the strings and relay it via and amplifier/speaker, to connect the guitar to the amplifier/speaker you use a guitar lead.

What is the name of a sit down guitar used in country and western music?

I think the type of guitar you are asking about is a 'steel guitar'.

What is an acoustic pickup used for?

An acoustic pickup is used to amplify an acoustic guitar. Instead of amplifying an acoutic guitar's sound via a microphone, an acoustic pickup can be mounted on the guitar over the soundhole to provide sound amplification.

What tyes of energy are used to play an electrical guitar?

Electrical energy is used. It is transformed into sound energy

What does the electric guitar do?

An electric guitar creates sound using magnetic pickups. When a string is stummed the vibration is transformed through the magnet pickup creating a sound through you amplification that is being used.

What instruments are used in the song Paper Planes by MIA?

okay here's what i think: an electric guitar or some type of synthesized string, a bass, a synthesized drum set (sound effects included) and then a synthesizer used for dance type songs(melody)

What object did Jimi Hendrix utilize on his guitar to create the slide guitar sound for his remake of the song All Along the Watchtower?

I think Jimi Hendrix used a cigarette lighter to create the slide guitar sound for his "all along the watchtower" cover.

What type of instrument is an Epiphone Sheraton?

An Epiphone Sheraton is a type of guitar. It is a slimline, semi-hollow electric guitar that is made by the famous guitar company Gibson. It is sometimes used by Blues musicians.

What makes a guitar sound good?

By having a professional tuner to tune your guitar and what else works is what they call a acoutic guitar CAPO , you can get it in any colour but would go with black and you jut clip the CAPO on to the back of your guitar and should have a black thing on your guitar and it will make the guitar sound better everyone used them now that's what the CAPO looks like :) i hope i helped :$

Which guitarists use humbucker pickups?

Really any style. A humbucker eliminates hum produced by a single coil. It is used for a thicker, fatter sound on a guitar. It's mainly used in any type of rock.

What is the different between in those Lead guitar and bass guitar?

Well Lead guitar is a guitar that is a 6 string standard guitar often used for up front lead sounds. The bass guitar has a much lower sound and only has four strings. Bass guitars are mostly used for rythm and deap low sounds.

What is a guitar amp used for?

A guitar amp amplifies the signal from either an electric or acoustic guitar. It allows the user more control over volume and sound of the guitar, as well as giving the potential to add effects such as overdrive.

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