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Yes That Is An Indication Of Being Too Fast In Time. Have The Timing Set Then See If It Is Better.

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Will it hurt engine to drive in low on highway?

At highway speeds, YES!

Is 70 miles a long way to drive?

It will take about about 1.5 hours at highway speeds.

How long in a semi truck will it take to drive 60 miles?

About an hour at highway speeds.

When to use over drive on Chevy tracker?

When you're cruising along at highway speeds on level roads.

What does it mean when you only get heat from your car when you are driving highway speeds?

If by this you mean only "hot heat" when drive at highway speeds likely thermostat bad and/or almost stuck and takes long time warm up from high engine RPM during highway driving.

Gas mileage for a 2001 Isuzu trooper?

My 1999 Trooper gets about 16 MPG with mixed highway and city driving. I believe that it has the same drive train as the 2001. If I drive at moderate speeds on the highway, I can get 19 MPG.

Do you need a drivers license to drive a mini motorcycle?

no but you have to drive on a sidewalk or parking lot or neighborhood, etc. but you cant drive on a highway or streets outside of neighborhoods, think of it as a normal bike

Is a patched tire safe to drve on?

a patched tire can be safe to drive on for short periods of time, but shouldn't be driven at highway speeds as they aren't as safe

How long will it take the drive to the moon?

This can only be done in theory and not in practice, but it should take about six months to travel to the moon at highway speeds nonstop.

Can you drive scooter on the freeway?

You can't even drive a scooter on a highway. If you are trying to get somewhere, you must take slower back roads because most mopeds can only reach speeds of about 50mph.

Is there Parking at Westminster pier?

Yes there is, but you have to walk a little, unless you have four-wheel drive, then you can park in the site.

How long will it take to drive from Phoenix to Amarillo?

It depends on how fast you drive and whether you stop or not along the way, but at highway speeds with no stops other than quick ones for refueling, around 12 hours.

How long is a drive cycle in a car?

It varies from one make to another but in general a drive cycle consists of starting up cold, warm up while driving at normal speeds around town and also a short trip at highway speeds then shutting down allowing vehicle to cool down. That would be one drive cycle.

Can you drive a smart car on the highway?

Ofcourse you can, you can drive any car in the highway. It's a car.

If a person has a drivers license can they drive on the highway?

can a person temporarily drive a tractor on a highway with a driver license

Can you drive a moped on the highway?

NO! Mopeds generally are 50cc or less. Some states allow highway travel with a minimum of 150cc which is suicidal, unless it can maintain 70mph. Personally I would go no less than 250cc for highway riding, and more like 400cc for long distance touring with or without a passenger and with the ability to pass comfortably at highway speeds.

What is a lane?

it is where you drive in the highway

Can you drive on a highway in ny with a permit?

You can drive on the highway in New York with a permit. You have to be accompanied by a licensed driver in order to do so.

Do you pay for parking at Pittsburgh international airport when you get there or when you return?

You pay when you drive out of the parking area.

What causes a whistling noise in a 2006 Saturn vue when highway driving speeds get up to 35-40 miles per hour?

drive shaft carrier bearing needs to be replaced

Are electric scooters legal to drive on highways?

Usually no, electric scooters cannot get up to highway speeds, however you may be able to find some that do if you look in the right places or right websites.

What highway takes you to Ottawa from sudbury?

Highway # 17, the Trans Canada Highway. Is about a five hour drive.

How many miles do you need to drive to reset your 2003 lincoln town car?

Two or more complete drive cycles should do it. A drive cycle would include a cold start, driving 10 miles or so, some miles at highway speeds then shut down and cool off.

Can you drive a golf cart on the highway?


How far is the drive in hours from Saint Petersburg FL to Perry Highway PA?

It is about an 18 hour drive to Perry Highway in Pittsburgh.

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