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Q: Does white bread have more vitamins in it than whole-wheat bread?
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Does white bread have more vitamins than whole wheat bread?

No. White Bread has way more calories in it then wheat bread. Wheat Bread has Fiber, Vitamins B and E, Selenium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, AND lignans in it. There for it is very healthy for you and way healthyier than the original white bread.

Does wholemeal bread have more fibre than white bread?

well obviously yes. the flour is made up of the whole of the wheat including the part with all the fibre in it. if you take a look at wholemeal flour it has bits in it when you sieve it. that's the fibre.Yes, but wholemeal shouldn't be confused with wholewheat. Wholemeal flour contains around 85% of the grain and produces a bread that contains more fibre than white flour. Wholewheat includes all of the grain and provides more fibre than white and wholemeal. Wholewheat flour makes a denser loaf with less available gluten to aid rising of the dough, hence the more popular use of wholemeal.

Why is white bread better for you?

White Bread Not BetterWhite bread is not better for you. Wheat is more natural. More DetailThe reason white bread is not better for you, and some believe it is not as good for you as wheat or other whole-grain breads, is that it is made with white flour. White flour has had the nutritious part of the wheat removed and some white flour has been bleached. Though white bread is enriched (vitamins put back into it), it does not have the same nutritional value as the wheat bread that has the natural vitamins in it. because it is nice.

Is wholewheat bread acidic or alkaline?

It's more neutral than either acidic or alkaline.

Which type of bread has the most nutrition wheat bread or white bread?

Whole wheat bread is often the most nutritious. It is important to read the label when comparing the two products in store, because the white bread could be enriched with more added vitamins and minerals than the wheat bread.

What nutrient does wheat bread have more of than white bread?

Wheat bread has more protein than white bread

Does white bread have more yeast than wheat bread?

Wheat bread IS white bread.

Does white bread have more vinegar?

no white bread has no vinegar!

Which has more calories white bread or tortillas?

White bread has more calories than tortillas. A single serving of tortillas have 237 calories while white bread has 317

Why does wheat mold faster than white bread?

The white bread has been ground more finely, and has been bleached. More organisms survive when processing is less. Because white bread has more preservatives in it than wheat bread.

What contains more fat white bread or brown bread?

Chinese bread.

How is black bread different from white bread'?

black bread is longer thicker and more filling :) black bread has been toasted for too long its black while white bread is white

Does white bread have more preservatives than wheat bread?


Which has more calories white or brown bread?

White has more calories

Will white bread go stale before grain bread?

Yes..white bread does not contain the ingredients other breads use. White Bread is more delicate and yummy

Why won't mold grow on white bread as quickly as wheat bread?

MOld won't grow as easaly on white bread then whole wheat bread because White bread has more cemicals. Not organic.

How long will it take for Oat bread to mold then white bread?

oat bread will take at the most 2 more days then the white bread. so it will be that 2 days before the white bread will form.

Is white bread more expensive than whole wheat bread?

White bread is generally less expensive than whole wheat bread.

Does potato bread grow mold faster then white bread?

yes because white bread has been treated more than potato bread

Which bread has more preservatives wheat or white bread?

i think wheat bread has more but I'm not completely sure!

Which bread can mold faster?

White bread molds faster we did an experiment at school and the white bread got mouldy more quickly!

When making wheat bread with bread flour do you need to use half wheat and half white flour?

No. Not at all. Some people use a mix, but using entirely whole wheat flour will provide you with more fiber and vitamins.

Is whole grain good for kids?

Absolutely! Whole grain is the best there is, for anyone. Its very rich in vitamins and much more efficient than white bread which is extremely fattening.

Why is wheat bread better for you than white bread?

It has to do with the way your body breaks down sugars. White bread has simple sugars, which are empty calories. Wheat bread has more complex sugars, and provide more energy. Also, wheat bread has more fiber.

Does brown bread get mold faster than white bread?

Yes, brown bread, wheat bread is less processed than white bread so its more vunerable to mold