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well you could Google information on miscarriage but as far as i understand when you miscarriage it is similar to your period only heavier than usual and late.. so no it could just be normal discharge or it could be an STD..

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โˆ™ 2008-11-08 23:38:06
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Q: Does white discharge mean miscarriage
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Is a creme colored discharge the day after sex normal or a sign of a miscarriage when 8 weeks pregnant?

White discharge is normal throughout pregnancy.

What does it mean if you get white discharge?

It doesn't mean anything if you get white discharge. Most discharge is white in colour, the colours that may suggest a problem are grey or green, sometimes pink or brown (spotting) if inexplicable.

What does white discharge mean during the last weeks of pregnancy?

A white discharge usually means a vaginal infection.

What does it mean if you have heartburn nausea and white discharge?


What does the milky white watery discharge mean?

That you are ovulating

Can I have a miscarriage if I start out with light pink discharge and then turns to brown discharge?

Check with your doctor or midwife

Does having white discharge mean you period is coming?

Yes (:

If your discharge is white with clear and slimy what does that mean?

it is totally normal.

When your about to start your period dose your discharge get lighter?

Your discharge gets heavier and more sticky.

What does it mean if you have a white discharge all of the time?

It is normal for most females to have a discharge from puberty through and after menopause.

What it mean if you have white discharge after your period?

White discharge after your period means that you're a normal healthy female. Females are supposed to have discharge all the time as it's how the vagina stays clean.

What does it mean when you have white stuff in your underwear?

Its vaginal discharge. Nothing Bad.

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