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Does your PC get faster if you delete songs you had on it?


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Yes it does because it doesn't have much memorie to remember so it will. Just like my iPod touch if I deleted songs or pics it would load things faster than before!

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You can do it on iTunes from your PC

You can delete songs by going to the folder that they are saved in and delete the file. If you want to delete all the songs just delete the folder then.

unfortunatly there is no way to delete songs from the iPod touch itself to delete songs you need to do it through iTunes.

Forever, until you get rid of them that is. You can do this on itunes on your PC or, if you've got an iPod touch, you can delete them on there.

how do i delete my songs off my mp3 player

You have to delete the songs from iTunes on your computer first,then sync your songs.

Connect the iPod to a computer with iTunes, then delete the undesired songs.

Yes but most of the time when you do that you delete all of your songs.

No, there is an option that you can select when you autofill and it will not delete the songs you already have on your IPod, nor do you have to.

It shouldn't delete any songs, but im not positive about buying songs if it affects that at all

yes you can delete songs all you have to do is check it off of your list

you press the delete botton

Delete them from your itunes then sync your ipod or if you dont want to delete them from your itunes you can untick the songs you dont want and then sync

Plug it into the computer. Get on Itunes and check the songs that you want to delete. Then at the top of the screen hit delete. Or you can just delete them individually.

You need to delete it from your Itunes account.

You select the song by clicking on it, and then press the delete key, or just right click on the song and select delete song. You can delete multiple songs by control clicking (by pressing control as you click to select multiple songs) and pressing delete.

Most iPods come with a program on your computer that can help making organizing your songs easier and faster. The program can also allow you to delete or add certain songs.

Songs cannot be deleted directly from the iPod. Connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cable, and delete the songs you want to delete in iTunes, then click the sync button.

You cannot delete songs directly off of your iPod Touch. You must connect to iTunes via your computer and delete it from there.

when you restore an ipod it doesn't delete your songs or apps but it will delete your high scores from the last time you sync your ipod.

No. You have to delete the songs from ITunes. Sorry

=Click on the first song in you Itunes Library==Hold Shift and scroll down to your last song==right click and press delete all songs (Or Delete)==it should be deleted if not research on how to delete your songs==xoxo_Clarence_xoxo=

You can''t delete song from your ipod ... You have to delete them on your iTunes then sync your ipod ...

right click on it and click on delete

You have to go onto your computer and delete them from there.

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