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Most of the time, as soon as you pass ovulation, it will return to a dry, sticky or lotiony state. That being said, a lot of women DO experience and increase in white lotion-like cervical mucous and later find out that they are pregnant. It can also be a sign of an infection too - so if accompanied by itch or odor, see your doctor at once.

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Q: Does your cervical mucus always stay like it does during ovulation once conception has taken place?
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If your temperature is not elevated 2 days after ovulation and possible conception does it mean you have not concieved this month?

I wouldn't rely on a rise in temperature as being a indication of Ovulation or conception taking place as temperatures rise for a variety of reasons & don't always rise during Ovulation or conception.

When exactly after conception will your cervical mucus change?

as soon as 2 r 3 weeks Cervical mucus after ovulation gets thick and white. It will stay that way during pregnancy.

Does cervical mucus come before or after ovulation?

it comes during ovulation

Will your cervical mucus turn sticky and tacky even if pregnancy is achieved after ovulation or will it stay stretchy and egg white?

Hello - If you conceive during ovulation the mucus will still look like egg-white. But a few weeks after conception your will have a lot of cervical mucus that increases every week/few weeks.

Does bleeding during ovulation come from the uterus?

Usually the biggest reason you spot during ovulation is when an egg attaches it self to the uterus for conception.

Can you get pregnant from intercourse after ov?

Fertile quality cervical fluid, the slippery kind during ovulation, can keep sperm alive up to 5 days. The egg lasts 24-48 hours after ovulation. Once the cervical fluid has changed consistancy, conception is unlikely but not unheard of. Please use protection until you are sure that you are no longer fertile.

Do you always have to have cervical mucus during ovulation?

Yes, however the amounts may vary between one woman to another. To increase cervical mucus try drinking more fluids and juices.

What is cervical mucus like during ovulation?

thin as it wants to let sperm through the cervix into the uterus :)

What is the consistency of mucus during ovulation?

When you are ovulating, the consistency of your cervical mucus may seem like a raw egg white. It looks clear and slippery, as well. The volume of the mucus increases during ovulation.

Does egg white cervical mucus occur before or after ovulation?

During and after up until your next period starts

Are you pregnant if the cervical mucous has blood spots?

You could be, but it's more likely that you're just ovulating. Many women notice blood in with the cervical mucous during ovulation

How do you tell when you are ovulating?

Some women get a little pain during ovulation, others have nothing. your cervical mucus will start to look like egg whites and be very stretchy between your fingers. an ovulation prediction kit can give you some warning before ovulation. you can learn about checking cervical mucus and more at ~pawsalmighty

Which symptoms of ovulation are considered normal?

For the majority of women, ovulation starts every 23 to 35 days but this can be delayed due to environmental factors such as stress. Ovulation pain is one of the common symptoms of ovulation and is felt as a pain around the lower abdomen. A drop in body temperature is also noticed during ovulation and a normal increase is faced after ovulation. The cervical mucus will also be watery like a raw egg-white during this period, these symptoms are all normal symptoms to face during the period of ovulation.

Is there vaginal discharge during ovulation?

Yes.Below you will find an overview of the changes that will take place in your cervical fluid throughout your cycle. Pre-Ovulation Following the menstrual period, there is a feeling of dryness. There will be no visible mucus. Gradually, more mucus will accumulate - yellow, cloudy, or white in color and sticky to the touch. Approaching Ovulation As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will increase. First, there will be a moistness or stickiness to the mucus, as well as a white or cream-colored appearance. During Ovulation At ovulation, the quantity of mucus will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble "egg whites", often semitransparent. The texture will become increasingly slippery and 'stretchable'. This is your most fertile time. Following Ovulation Following ovulation, the slippery quality of the cervical mucus will decrease and the mucus will become sticky and cloudier. Post-ovulatory dryness will also ensue.

When is ovulation in comparison to a period and a cycle?

A woman's fertile period during her menstrual cycle, on average, lasts about seven days: seven days before ovulation (the release of the egg), the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. After this, chances of conception decrease quickly, as the egg has a short life-span of about 24 hours.

Does pregnancy always occur during ovulation?

yes it does that is when a women is most fertile

How is menstruation different from menopause?

Menstruation is part of the menstrual cycle, a process involving ovulation and if conception doesn't occur the uterine lining is shed (menstruation) in preparation for the possibility of conception during the next cycle. Menopause is the process where you come to the end of your reproductive years, it's when ovulation starts to slow down.

Is it normal for your cervical mucus to dry up after ovulation?

Yes, cervical mucus is greatest during ovulation in order to aid sperm in entering the cervix to fertilize an egg. After ovulation the egg survives for a day or two then the body no longer has purpose for the mucus. Your hormones shift, your basal temperature rises and the mucus dries up. This is called "luteal phase" and it lasts until the start of your next period.

What does thick white stretchy vaginal discharge mean?

When vaginal discharge becomes thin and stretchy this is also called "egg white cervical mucus" it appears when a woman is most fertile , during ovulation week , this type of cervical discharge aids sperm to swim faster and survive longer in the reproductive system , to produce pregnancy , the stretchy vaginal discharge may come right before or during ovulation , and may last a few days after ovulation .

Is it take time to get pregnant if you have a white discharge problem?

I'm not sure what you mean by "problem" but typically cervical discharge during ovulation has an "egg-white" consistency.

Where should the cervix be located two days before a period?

Your cervix should be low and firm. During ovulation with cervical musus the cervix is high and open and wet. After ovulation it is firm, low, and closed. If you are pregnant it will be high, soft, and closed.

Does a woman's body temperature rise when she is pregnant?

Not always no. A womans body temperature rises during and after ovulation and during her period.

How do you know when you have ovulated?

Unless you use fertility awareness method or ovulation testing kits then you can't tell when you have ovulated or not. You will be able to detect fertility signs such as changes to your cervix during ovulation, fertile cervical mucus, and secondary fertility signs such as breast tenderness or ovulation bleeding - but these do not tell you exactly when or if you ovulated.

What are the chances of conception during ovulation?

The best chance of concepition are in the same day than you ovulate.In any way you can get pregrant also if you have sex some day before ovulation while spermatozoa can survive for some day in the female genitalia.

If you have the egg white cervical mucus for a few days is it a sign that you are ovulating or are about to ovulate?

Egg-white cervical mucous is very common during the time of ovulation. It could though, also occur at other times in the cycle due to other factors.