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Does your daughter have to see her fathers family in Tennessee?


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May 12, 2012 12:34PM

If there's a custody or visitation order her father decides what they are going to do and who she is going to see while she is with him. The parents are in violation of the court order unless they make her go. When she is 18 she can do as she wish.

If he has a new family she will be a part of it and even though she might be angry etc this is something the parents decide. If you as the mother get remarried and she wont like that new family what would you do? Let her move out? This is where you have to raise above and support her new relationship with her new step mom and half siblings. It takes time to grow into a new family, about 2 years. This is how children are effected by divorce and new families start. They grow into it though with help from their parents. Life does not stand still.