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I doubt it. This is a free country. Please be more specific and I can give you a exact reason for or against it. For more information see

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Q: Does your employer have the right to deny you going to the doctor after an accident?
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If you are off sick for 1 day for example does your employer have the right to insist on a doctor's note?

Your employer can do anything he/she wants, unless you are protected by a union contract or other contract.

Can an employer investigate a sickday note's authenticity?

The only thing an employer should accept as evidence of a sick day is a doctor's certificate, and they are exactly for the purpose of recording that a particular doctor saw a patient at a particular time. If you are given one you have every right to check its authenticity with the doctor

What should you do if in an accident in which there is a personal injury? you should try and fix yourself but my addvice to you is to see a doctor right away:)

Is it illegal for an employer to drug test for a post accident 36 hrs after the incident Even when they were notified when the accident occurred?

Many employers have drug policies that include random drug screens or drug screens following an event. Would't you agree that it would be reasonable for an employer to have the right to know if an employee uses drugs which of course is a symptom of extremely poor judgment? Employees who use drugs are far more accident prone. Wouldn't everyone agree that an employer should minimize his risk?

Can an employer suspend you for a week in a right to work state?

Yes, an employer can suspend you for a week in a right to work state.

Does your employer have the right to suggest that you are manic depressive and should take drugs?

Your employer most certainly has the right to make a suggestion. Of course, you have the right to respectfully decline. If your employer insists you take drugs for a mental disorder "diagnosed" by this employer, you have the right to respectfully inform this employer that it is illegal to practice and prescribe medicine without a license to do so. Unless, of course, your employer is a licensed practitioner of mental disorders, but even then, you have the right to respectfully decline.

You might be pregnantbut didn't take a home pregnancy you are going to your family doctor Is that the right thing to do?

If you are unsure then yes go to the doctor to find out.

Do you have the right to use a sick day to care for your same-sex spouse who is ill or needs you to accompany him to the doctor?

"Sick day" policies are generally at the discretion of the employer.

Is it legal for a employer to buy drug screening test and administer it himself.?

Yes but in that case he has no right to be watching you as you pee unless he's a doctor or nurse too.

What college can you go to become a doctor?

Any as long as it has the right course to become a doctor; if you are going to become a doctor you need to get into med school however, you do need good grades to get in .

Can employer call you and tape the call?

Yes an employer can tape a call with the right equipment.

Do you have a right to a reference from your previous employer?

There is no legal obligation upon an employer to provide a reference.

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