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In my experience if he's staying away from you rather than deliberately turning up at the places you are, then he's not interested at the moment.

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Q: Does your ex still love you if he is avoiding you?
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What does it mean when your still in love with your ex?

That you are still in love with them

Does an ex still love you after you broke up a year ago?

it can be possible for an ex to still love you after a year of the break up...i know i still love my ex and its been about 2 years

Is ex avoiding you or does he not want to hurt you because he still has feelings for you?

depends if he is nice or not

How do you tell if your ex is still in love with you?

the way you can tell if your ex still is in love with cause they be on yo team!

You are married and still in love with your ex boyfriend?

God help me- I have children but am still in love with my ex from 15 years ago.

What to do when your ex is still in love with her ex?

ASAP forget about it, there is nothing you can do.

If your girlfriend says i love you baby to an ex doesnt it mean she is still in love with him?

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

Why do I still dream of my ex?

probably you still love them

Why do you still think about your ex and still cry?

Because you still love her

Is Tulisa N Dubz still in love with her ex?

Her ex? She's still with her fiance Adam and that's the only guy she's in love with.

You still love your ex what do you do?

You should tell your ex and go from there because who knows they might love you back!

What should one do when in love with a guy who is still in love with his ex-gf she was avoiding him but she recently added him on orkut and now will get back together with her what should one do now?

I say just move on! Plenty of other fish in the sea!

How can i tell if my ex-boyfriend wants to get back together He did the breaking up but what he said was I can't love you...not yet. He still cares for me but he's now avoiding me.?


Dreaming about an ex boyfriend?

If you dream about an ex-boyfriend that means you still love him!

You love your boyfriend but he cares what his ex thinks about him still Does he really love you?

he does it just that he still used to his ex but just tell him that he need to listen to you because your with him and not his ex unless you guys shoulnt be together

What do you do when what if your ex still loves you and what if your with someone else?

Do you still love your ex? No? Then you simply stay with the one you are with now(assuming you love your current boyfriend/girlfriend) If you do still love your ex, ask yourself who you would be happy with. What was the reason you and your life left each other and so on.

You are still in love with your ex-boyfriendwhat should you do?

if your still in love with your ask a freind to go to him if he is still in love with you if so then you go tell him your in love with him daugh

Can you tell if your ex-girlfriend still in love with you?

If the ex-girlfriend still in love with you: Than that means that she is having a hard time getting over the two of you.

How will you know if your boyfriend still love his ex girlfriend?

He will stare at his ex instead of you. He will try to flirt with his ex.

What do you do when you are still in love with your ex but also are in love with your boyfriend?

Find closure with your ex! get rid of things that remind you of him. this will help trimenduosly

You like this girl but shes still in love with her ex What should you do?

just let her go. obviously if she is in love with her ex she is not the girl for you.

Does your ex still know that you love him?

only if you tell him

How do you know if he is still in love with his ex?

if he has messages from her, or talks about her.

How do you know that your ex still love you?

if they are not threating you you are okay

Can it be possible to be in love with your current boyfriend but still love your ex?

yes, of couurse ..