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He's probably telling you to be spontaneous and let mother nature take her course. Considering he was just a friend all you have to say is, "Whoa, take it slower!" Switching from being good friends to lovers takes getting use too because you are on a new adventure with this person and it can be rather awkward at first for one or both people. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF! If you aren't sure how you feel about this guy, then make him take it slow and easy and just date him for a bit. Don't let him talk you into anything you are uncomfortable with. If he's having to tell you to "not to think and go with the flow" then there is a little bit of a controlling nature within him. Has he ever stopped to ask you what your true feelings are? Yes, it sure does sound like he more than likes you. You have to decide if you are falling in love with him. Marcy

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Q: Does your guy friend like you if you flirt with each other but then he tells you not to think and to go with the flow?
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What does it mean if a boy tells another girl he likes her but isn't nice to her and she doesnt like him?

try being Nice to her but not to clingy kind of flirt with her a bit but not all that time if she doesn't like you as a friend try to become her friend first then flirt.....well that's what I think you should do...good luck

If a girl tells you she is not interested but her friend says that she likes you?

aparently you are doing something wrong..... ask yourself these questions and answer them truthfuly... 1. do i flirt with other girls? 2. does she have a boyfriend? 3. is her friend one of those who think that her friend could only be happy if she is dating someone? i hope that helps!

How do you get your friends to kiss you well first hang out with him then if u think he likes you flirt with him if u flirt enough get close to each other and kiss if this does not work dont blame me?

Why to blame you? Its just a perfect layout for a kiss from a friend.

How can you tell if your guy friend is flirting with you?

If you think that your close guy friend has a crush on you, think again. Sometimes he may, sometimes he may not. trust your gut and get out there and flirt back!

How do you get boy that is friend with you?

flirt with him and show him your girlie side. don't forget to smile. You never want to get into the friend mode to long with a guy you like. Otherwise he will think of you as a friend not a girl friend.

How do you flirt with a guy friend being VERY seceretive?

Believe it or not guys are dumb, we really are, just flirt how you think you should and he probably will think you about you. Just giggle when he says something he thinks is funny. (it worked for my girlfriend)

How do you get a girl to flirt with you?

I think that you should flirt with her to let her know you want to be flirted with. Also try and flirt with other girls so she knows your a flirt she will feel comfortable.

What is the meaning for word flirt?

The word flirt means to be gazing into the other genders eyes looking cute in a way that you would think that they are in love.

What is your advice in the situation that I am in I like this girl but I am not sure weather she likes me and I think that her best friend likes me?

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

What does it mean if you think a guy likes you but he tells your best friend he only likes you as a friend?

It means he doesn't like you romantically.

What do you do if you really REALLY like this guy and you think that he likes you but you aren't sure?

Well, ask a friend or one of his friends, if not then ask him, or flirt, maybe he ill flirt back and if he keeps it up you will come to a question like "are you free Saturday night?"Well, ask a friend or one of his friends, if not then ask him, or flirt, maybe he ill flirt back and if he keeps it up you will come to a question like "are you free Saturday night?"

I really don't no do you think he love me?

i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me

What would a girl think of you when you keep flirting with her but flirt with other girls too but you like the girl you flirt the most with?

i personally would think that was just how you acted around girls because it is difficult for girls to tell when you are flirting with them if you are acting similarly to other girls as well. my advice if you like the girl that you are flirting the most with then just flirt with her so she knows that you like her and not other girls as well.

What do you do if you like the same guy your friend likes and you think he likes you back we're 16 he talks to me all the time in texts and on messenger and we flirt at school?

tell your friend how you feel about him she will understand

There is this guy that I like and he asked me out what do I do?

Well from my perspective,if you think that he's a good,charming guy,then yeah,you should date him.But if he is a flirt and likes to flirt with other girls,then no.

Your friends girlfriend will not allow him to talk to other girls while she is free to walk around and flirt with anyone what should he do?

I think your friend should think about his situation of how it will be in the future if he keeps backing down and letting her getaway with somthing that she freaks out if he does. in conclusian i think your freind should grow a pair

Can you get divorced on harvest moon?

No but I think you can still give other girls gifts they like and flirt with them

How high can you go inside the statue of liberty?

I think you can go into the crown. I am not sure, but that is what my friend tells me.

You love him but he has a girlfriend and she is your friend?

I was in the same spot as you. When you like your friends boyfriend its difficult, DO NOT flirt with him, because he could go and turn to your friend, if it is just a crush try to ditance yourself, and ust be there for your friend. but if you think you really like him i would talk to your friend about it. BUt dont say somthing like "i have a huge crush on your boyfriend". think before you speak and what you think is best.

How do you flirt with guys who think you're ugly?

Become friends with them, but don't act obsessed. Then maybe they will like you for who you are on the inside and dont be there friend to much u dnt wnt 2 get friend zoned -_-

How do you flirt with Gary the gadget guy?

i think you cant flirt with him i guess hes not interested

What does it mean when your so called best friend tells your other friend who you dont trust that she does not like you anymore then what do you do what does that even mean?

It probably means that they either really don't like you anymore or they want the other person to like them as well. I think you should bring it up to your "best friend" and tell her how it made you feel and see if she wants to be your friend anymore.

What to do when your friend has a crush on a boy but you like that boy?

Tell your friend straight up. He/she shouldn't have a problem with it, but you guys should dicuss it between yourselves. If you keep it in, your friend will think he/she's fine to flirt/get with your crush. That can cause some serious jealousy.

You think your crush likes you but you are not sure how do you tell if he does?

well, make sure they don't have a girl friend/boyfriend, observe how the act around others. if they dont really flirt with others, and they flirt with you, they probably like you, but are afraid to make the first move.

How do you flirt with your best friend's boyfriend?

If she's really your friend, then you don't. Friendship is just another kind of love and love means doing what's within our reach so that our partner feels happy. Do you think your friend will appreciate seeing you flirting with her boyfriend? Is it really worthwhile, risking to lose her? A real friend is not easy to find; think about it.