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Dose the Betta have baby with out bubble nest?

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The male Betta splendens always builds a bubble nest and entices the female under it in order to get her to spawn. If the nest is not to her liking she will not spawn with him. So I guess the answer is no. There must be a bubble nest for them to spawn under and for the male to tend the eggs in.

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No, the male betta makes the bubble nest the female gives the eggs.

No, they can't but they care for the eggs in a bubble nest.A bubble nest is where baby fry (baby fish) that are still in the eggs get fertilized in about 2 days.

Your betta is building a bubble nest and is ready to mate.

At the top of the tank is normally where the male beta keeps his bubble nest

When a Betta is eager to mate and ready he will often build a bubble nest.

they can. but it is VERY rare. usually you would see a bubble nest.

a Betta fish will lay it's eggs in the bubble nest of the male

a bunch of bubbles piled together.

He is practising nest building just in case a female comes by. It is a sign that your Betta is now mature enough to breed. It can also mean your fish is very happy.(I don't have another betta but mine blew a bubble nest)

Your betta will only make a bubble nest if there is a female present in the tank typically by placing her in a breeder tank available at most local fish stores. Also I would suggest to have some floating plants, and some sort of plants so that the bubble nest can be anchored.

Male betta fish will build a "bubble nest" when they are getting interested in procreating. Betta fish do not get pregnant they lay their eggs in these nest.

The male Betta builds a bubble nest at the surface of the water. The ova(eggs) are fertilised under the nest then collected by the male in his mouth as they sink. He then places them in the nest where he tends them.

It can not be mistaken for anything else. It is a tiny bubble at the surface of the water but it will not be a single bubble for more than a minute or two. The male Betta builds his nest quite rapidly.

You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

As soon as the male has put all the eggs in the bubble nest.

Actually, with bettas it's the male that cared for the bubble nest rather than the female. You should leave the male with the nest and separate the female.

Yes and No. The betta will make a bubble nest, but it is helpful to the betta to have the bottom half a styrofoam cup in the tank for the betta to build it on, it would most likely build one anyway if there was a place to build one though. Good luck!

Place a female in close proximity where he can see her.

The male will make a bubble nest when the female is about to lay her eggs.

He'll get over it and make another eventually.

A female Betta can only lay her eggs when she is cuddled/embraced under a bubble nest by the male Betta. She can not lay eggs by herself.

It is happy and ready to mate but it is too risky because a betta fish is very aggressive with other fish

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