Download video to DVD disk for Mac computer?

DVD data disks are burned by the Finder. In Finder's menu under FILE you can see the command New Burn Folder. Click that. An empty folder will appear. It will be on the desktop and be named Burn Folder.
Dragging files to this folder will NOT put the files in the folder. An Alias of each file is put into the folder. The total space needed is calculated and you will be told how much or how many disks will be used. For example there are DVDs with about 4 GB of space and DVDs with about 8 GB of space. When you have put what you want into the folder, and have a new blank DVD that has the needed capacity, press BURN on the folder. You will then be told to insert a blank Disk. File sizes and disk sizes will be compared and you will either be told that you can burn the disk or that the project will require a number of disks and if yo want to continue.
If everything is ready click burn. Depending on how much is being burned, and the speed of the disk, you will have to wait until the burn has completed. You don't have to wait for the verification process if you don't want to.
It is possible to create a custom icon for the burned disk, but that is another question.