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Q: Dr martin Luther king said as long as there is poverty in the world i can never be rich as long as the diseases are rampant i can never be healty i can never be what i ought to be until you are what?
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What were the characteristics of the lives of hunters and gatherers?

A healty lifestyle. Moving around following the seasonal migrations of animals, birds and fish, and the ripening of fruit, nuts and vegetables. Living in temporary shelters. When they moved, killing non-ambulatory young children in excess of the one which the mother could carry, and leaving the aged and infirm behind to their fate. Protecting themselves against human and animal predators.

How old is Ellen Ochoa?

Ellen Ochoa was born on May 10,1958 She was born in Los Angeles,California and she always wanted to be a astronaut.She worked hard in school.She was a very good student.She liked math and music.She learned to play the flute.Ellen studied math and science in college.She became an engineer but she still wanted to be a astronaut.The United States government was looking for astronauts.Being a astronaut is hard work.They must be healty

How many Jews were gassed each day at Auschwitz?

there was no daily quota, the gas chambers were only in opperation for about half of the time that Auschwitz was open. The main gas chambers were not on-line for much of that time. At the peak Auschwitz could murder 30,000 in a day, however this number was unsustainable over a long period.

What is life like for a child with autism?

It depends on the severity. Autism treatment has come a very long way. There are many therapies available. These therapies work on social and academic progress. I am a mother of an autistic child. Hang in there. As long as your child is happy and healty, that's all that matters. Go to the Autism Society website. There is lots of information and support there. Ettina: I am high-functioning autistic. It seems to me that the most important determinant of what it's like for an autistic person is how other people react to your autism. When I was a kid being bullied at school and punished by teachers for things I couldn't help, it really sucked. But as a homeschooled kid with accepting parents, and now as a college student working towards turning my intense interest into a degree and a career, life is pretty good. From what I've seen with other autistics, no severity of autism makes you incapable of having a good life. It may make you unemployable, or unable to live independently, but given the proper support, anyone with autism can be happy. If you're doing what you love to do, surrounded by people who care about you and accept you for who you are, life is good no matter how severe your disability.

What are facts about the Roman Armyhaha?

1) If an army was disobidient, some generals would kill every tenth man. 2) Legionaries were citizens of Rome, Auxilia were from the empire but not citizens. 3) Gaius Julius Caesar's uncle Marius reformed the army into what it was for the empire days. 4) The army lived on a fairly healty diet for their time. 5) Each legion would carry an eagle which is similar to the standards and colours of today. 6) Roman legionaries would throw a pilum, a special type of javelin. This would bend after it hit to prevent re-use by enemy. 7) Every day the whole of the legion would practice running, jumping, fencing and javelin throwing. But, before that happened, newcomers would do two sessions of military drill and give their oath of loyalty to their commander and Emperor. 8) The special jobs in the military such as the surgeons where called the immunes and where exempt from from labour and camp duties and also received a higher wage. 9) The legate was the overall legionary commander, appointed by the emperor. 10) The smallest group in the entire army where the contubernium, these where a group of 8, originally 10, men who, ate and shared a tent together. A century was made up of ten of these groups.

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What makes a person healty?

The absence of diseases and illnesses. A lifestyle that involves exercise and a proper diet

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