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Education and training needed to become a nurse?


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You will need to obtain an Associates Degree (2 years - ASN) which will include clinicals. Due to the emphasis on education, many nurses go on and get a Bachelor's Degree (BSN).


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There is a lot of education and training that is required to become a prenatal nurse. You must know human anatomy and development for example.

To become a cardiac nursespecialist, or cardiovascular nurse of musteither get education and training as an RN or have a masters in cardiac medicinedo externship as an RNGo through training to become a cardiac nurse specialistdo extrenship as a cardiac nurse specialist

You have to have a 4 year education in order to become a nurse at a hospital and 8 years of school in oder to become a permanant nurse and a manger

How many years of training are necessary to become a nurse? Idk ask someone else. i got things to do. L8er

4 years of college to get registered nurse license..

nursing school and u have to become a RN first

The normal training would be an RN and several weeks of orientation.

You must go to medical school for 4years ......if yu want to be a nurse LMFAO

To become a Licensed Vocational Nurse, one needs to have a high school diploma and a certificate for completing the training program. The training program takes one year to complete.

You need at least 2 years of training on top of the 4 years of education

A nurse must go to nursing school, in order to become a nurse. A person can get an associate's degree in a nursing program and then must pass an exam to get a nursing license.

You need a bachelors degree from an accredited school majoring in nursing, you will be a registered nurse when you finish.

Anyone who goes to medical school and meets the other requirements for education and training can become a doctor. If you mean without all that, no.

Job skills needed to becomea nurse?

science is needed to be a certification nurse.

Dental Nurse Education & Training Centre

Well usually after high school you can go and study to become a RN (registered nurse) that most of the time is necassary. Then once you are a RN you can have a bit more studying that will give you good education to become a neonatal nurse. With this education you have a better chance of a high salary and a good position but in some hospitals they give you a couple moths of training without previouse knowledge but you won't have the benefits of a educated nurse would.

To become a travel nurse you will need to go through the standard schooling to become a nurse and then go on to work at least two (if not more) years in your specialty in a hospital setting. This site has tons of info on travel nursing:

Laws have changed in the last decade. Now you must be a nurse and go to midwifery school and become licensed/certified to practice as a (nurse) midwife. it depends on where you live in Britain you do not need to be a qualified nurse to start training as a midwife

To become a nurse specializing in cardiology first you need a nursing degree. Most likely a bachelor's degree in nursing or an associate's degree in nursing. Then get some experience on the cardiology floor.

In order to be a forensic nurse you have to have a degree in nursing as well as law enforcement skills and legal training. A forensic nurse will require training in the collection of forensic evidence, criminal procedures and more. It is like being a nurse, a police detective and a lawyer all in one, but is a quickly growing field.

No, there is the registered nurse, and nurse practitioners that require advanced training and education.

The training you need to become a nurse will depend on what type of nurse you would like to become. Generally speaking, the more education you receive, the higher salary you can earn. Becoming a CNA can just take a few weeks (depending on the program), while becoming a RN can take four years, while becoming a nurse practitioner can take six or seven years.

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