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need to know year make and model

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Q: Engine and over drive lights comes on an car being to stall?
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What to do when your check engline lights comes on?

Vehicle warning lights are like traffic lights - green = go, Yellow = warning, Red = Stop the vehicle!!. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that if the Check Engine Light Comes on the vehicle is safe to drive to your nearest repairer.. G'day fro Aus!!

How many miles is it safe to drive your car after the check engine light comes on?

It is safe to drive you car for at least one mile after the check engine light comes on.

Why my asb light comes on some times?

The USB lights on your laptop comes on when your USB flash drive is not working.

What does it mean when the green lights for the 4 wheel drive go out and a yellow light comes on this is for an infinity QX4?

If the green lights go out for the 4 wheel drive and the yellow light comes on in an Infinity QX4, there could be a problem with the transfer case. There could also be a problem with the 4 wheel drive not engaging when it should.

What does it mean when the engine trasmissions light comes on?

If an engine transmission light comes on in the dashboard there can be a potential problem with the drive-train. The engine's computer should receive a diagnostic to determine if there is anything wrong with the transmission.

How long can you drive when low oil light comes on?

The light is NOT a low oil light. It is a low OIL PRESSURE light. You can drive it until the engine seizes. Of course internal engine damage will start to occur as soon as the light comes on and you have no oil pressure if you continue to drive the vehicle.

What would make a 1991 Grand Prix SE cut out after putting into drive?

check your cars battery lead terminals i had a similar problem in an olds eighty eight, i would hit the brake to be able to shift it into drive and when it wen tinto drive the lights would dim noticabley if it was night and the engine would die. the trouble turned out to be that the battery terminal leads were heavily corroded and at idle when shifting from park into drive the brake lights being on the abs pump bein on and such caused a large enough voltage drop that the ignition would not have enough to fire the engine and the engine would die.

How can you get the service engine light to come back on after resetting it so you can get the codes?

You will have to drive it until it comes on.

What does FR mean when it comes to cars?

FR means Front-Engine, Rear-Wheel Drive

Can you drive with you parking lights on instead of head lights?


How far can you drive your car after the service engine soon light comes on?

That depends on the reason why it's coming on.

Why would the driver lights under the headlights stay on after you shut off the truck and switch on a Chevy Cheyenne?

More than likely its a short in the line to the drive lights it probably grounding out. Check the wiring harness from your lights into the engine compartment.

When a drive and press the brake all the dashboard lights goes off and on after few seconds when I drive?

Im pretty sure you are having a loose ground wire somewhere in the engine bay

What is Front engine rear wheel drive?

Any car that has an engine up front and is rear wheel drive. Examples being Corvettes,350z,s2000,nascars,charger,miata.

Can you drive your car when the check engine light comes on your 1998 Mercury Mystique?

Yes, but if it stays on you should plan to take it in soon to have the engine checked. That is why the light is there.

Are deaf people allowed drive?

Absolutely. Being deaf does not effect your ability to drive. Emergency vehicles have flashing lights besides sound for a reason.

May you drive with just your parking lights on in place of your head lights?


Why does your Chevy 350 idle good in park but not in drive?

In park, the transmission is in neutral: very little "load" on the engine. In drive, the engine is loaded somewhat by being in gear. Therefore, any engine performance issues will be exaggerated. Of coarse, engine performance issues could mean just about anything!

Why is the intensity of my dashboard's lights fluctuating when going from neutral to drive?

When shifting into drive you torque the engine on its mounts. I would look for broken or missing engine to body ground straps. You can always add one as a test, run a strap of at keat 3/8" from a clean bolt on the engine or alternator to the body. If problem is fixed be happy.

What do the Brake warning lights on 98 ram mean all 3 warning lights com on sometimes well driving but not always?

Which lights are they is it the check engine abs and brake lights? If so its the transmission ouput speed sensor that needs to be replaced. Inexpensive unless you continue to drive it and blow the transmission. good luck

Who sings Drive My Soul?


How dangerous is it to drive with a hole in your engine?

you cant drive your car if you have hole in your engine because your engine is a propeller for your car.

The check engine light comes on after a longer drive on the highway but it does not come back on after you shut the car off for a while and restart it again and drive in city limits why?

Check your O2 filters

You have a 2000 ford focus when you drive it feels like it is going to stall and an engine light comes on?

It is most likely your oxygen sensor

What size engine comes in a 1992 Chevy Cheyenne four wheel drive truck?

If it's a v8 it will have a 5.7 liter 350