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Ex will not sign title to car you used for a trade the title is in both your names this is a straw purchase but can you do?


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It depends on how the title is worded. If both names are on it as "or", for example, john smith or jean smith, you do not have to have his signature to sell it. If it is john smith "and" jean smith, both are required to sign it in order to sell it.


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If you have not driven off the lot with the vehicle and have not turned over the title for trade there is no deal. They still have the vehicle you agreed to buy, and the bank has to approve the loan which has not been done either.

You will have to get a duplicate title from DMV

If you have the title signed by the registered owner, you can usuall get away with it but it is usually easier to bring the title holder to the trade in

The dealership should have a trade-in authorization letter so you can get the car title when you pay off your loan. If not, you would just write that you are giving permission to get the title for a trade in.

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If you and your deceased spouse were listed as "OR" on the title, it only takes on signature to release the title to the new owner. However, if the names were listed with "AND", then both signatures would be required. Since this is no longer physically possible, you need to take the title, along with the certificate of death, to the motor vehicle office and have your deceased spouses name removed from said title before you even attempt to sell or trade in this auto.

Absolutly. If the title is in both names it will be required that the other party "sign off" the title as you will need to sign off the title too when you sell or trade in the car.

Not if your name isn't on the title.

If bothe names are on the title then no. If its just your name then yes. If the bank has the title then call them about it. In my experience its a huge pain in the ass to sell a car with a lien on it. Trust me. If it is a title and the other person signs off on it then yes. If you are trying to sell the car without the other named person whether it is a title or registration then no.

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Answer: I take it you are talking about a trade in. You or the dealer will have to apply for a lost title.. simple.

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You cannot sell or trade a car without a title. Apply for a duplicate title at your local DMV.

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No, not unless her name is on the title.

Yes, if you have a clear title with no liens on it.

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