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If you are looking for an example of socialist policy, then the IRS and the Income Tax are socialist policies and seek to redistribute wealth(a measure of one's productivity) by taking the income of the productive and give it to the less productive, to create the illusion that we are all equal - unconditionally.

If you are looking for socialist governments, then Cuba, Portugal, Libya, Madagascar, Algeria, Chile, Guyana, Bangladesh, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Angola, and Iraq are just some of all the nations that claim to be socialist.

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What is a non example of socialism?

A non-example of socialism would be a state that allowed private ownership of property.

What is an example of socialism?

Western Europe

Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal was an example of?


What is Communism an example of?

Communism is an example of a political/socioeconomic idealogy, like Capitalism, Socialism, or Totalitarianism.

What type of government would Fidel Castro be an example of?

Dictatorship, socialism, and communism.

What is a real-life example of socialism?

For a real-life, modern-day example of Socialism, read up on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. Specifically, note what life was like for the group once they emigrated to Guyana.

What are the weaknesses of socialism?

There are many weaknesses of socialism but he main one would probably be that it's hard to keep a good substantial amount of people from abusing the "safety net"socialism provides. For example, generous unemployment benefits and free medical care. I hope this helps you!!

How do capitalism and socialism differ?

Capitalism is based on competition and socialism is not. Socialism is when the government provides everything for you and tells you what you can and cannot do. In a capitalistic nation, individuals are able to acquire as much wealth as they can and they are able to run their own lives. America is a good example of a semi-capitalistic nation.

Country X is characterized by most but not all companies being owned by the government This is an example of?


Why socialism book written by?


George Orwells book animal farm that deals with the concept of socialism is an example of which type of literature?


George Orwell's book Animal Farm that deals with the concept of socialism is an example of which type of literature?

Animal Farm is an example of a allegorical satire novella.

Which came first socialism or communism?


Did Karl Marx support socialism?

He developed a form of socialism which was sometimes called "scientific socialism".

Where is socialism successful?

If "socialism" is defined as public ownership of the means of production, then Norway, Singapore and Dubai would be examples of successful "state socialism" since they have many publicly-owned enterprises in their economies. If "socialism" is defined as co-operative ownership and mutual ownership of enterprise, then the economy of Spain during the Spanish Revolution and various co-operative enterprises operating in capitalist economies would be examples of successful socialism. If "socialism" means production for use, free distribution without the intermediary of money, then the open-source software movement would be an example of successful socialism, though a better description of this would be "communism".

What are the most important differences between state socialism and market socialism?

Market socialism should be contrasted with a planned economy, or planned socialism. Market socialism involves the use of markets and prices for determining how to use and allocate factors of production among organizations. These organizations may be state-owned or co-operatively owned; so market socialism can be a type of state socialism. State socialism is contrasted with co-operative socialism. In state socialism, the means of production are owned and managed by a public body. In contrast, cooperative socialism involves ownership of the means of production by the employees or by councils of consumer co-operatives. It is possible to have state-market socialism and cooperative-market socialism. Likewise, it is possible to have cooperative-planned socialism and state-planned socialism.

Is the interstate commerce act a valid example of pure socialism?

The Interstate Commerce act has nothing to do with socialism. Socialism has to do with ownership of the means of production and distribution, which means how the surplus value generated by the means of production is used. It is an example of government interventionism in a market-based economy. It did not attempt to change the method of ownership and allocation of surplus value in the railroad industry, nor did it attempt to introduce worker self-management.

What are examples of socialism in Animal Farm?

The ten commandments are a good example because of the amount of control it has over the animals

What is an example of a proper idea noun?

Some proper abstract nouns are Christianity, Buddhism, Socialism, etc.

Was communism or socialism first?

It was from Socialism that Communism was born.

Which socialism did Karl Marx subscribe to?

Scientific socialism.

What rhymes with socialism?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word socialism.

Did Plato teach socialism?

No, Plato did not teach socialism.

How does socialism and fascism differ?

Fascism is a smaller, less noticeable form of government control. For example, the government can control businesses by private leaders, whereas socialism is obvious as to who is in charge, basically if America was controlled by a socialist government it would be President Obama that was obviously in charge. The U.S government is pushing towards socialism.

What form of government is fascism?

It is a national form of proactive economic socialism vs, example, an international form of classless, incompetent (based on pencil-whipping) economic socialism - marxist (which a lot of democratic-republics have adapted recently)..